Extensive protection

Thanks to MAHLE cabin filters

When you’re on the road, you need clean air to focus and drive safely—and to stay healthy too. But with a good cabin filter, you protect not only yourself but also your passengers.

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When a vehicle is in operation, more than 100,000 liters of air are swept into the cabin every hour. This air contains countless minute particles, including pollen and dust. The only barrier against pollution: the filter in the ventilation system.

Protecting your health and that of your loved ones is our top priority.


So that you can also enjoy all-around protection whenever you’re on the road in your everyday life, we’ve developed cabin filters that can filter all kinds of particles out of the air:

  • Protection against pollen
  • Protection against fine dust
  • Protection against soot
  • Protection against tire debris
  • Protection against industrial dust


This animation shows how important an intact filter is to your health:


CareMetix®: additional protection against odors


The CareMetix® cabin filter not only filters out particles, but also appreciably eliminates odors. Starting this year, we’re able to offer you some new CareMetix® filter references. These include the fourth-generation C-Class.

We’ve also taken another careful look at the protection provided by CareMetix®. Our CareMetix® filters protect against pollen, fine dust, soot, tire debris, industrial dust, exhaust gases, ozone, odors, mold, bacteria, and allergens. They also exhibit 99 percent efficacy against nitrogen oxide!

CareMetix®’s S5 broadband technology


Additional information is available at caremetix.mahle.com.

All our filters are available in the MAHLE and KNECHT FILTER brands.


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