New generation of A/C service units

Fully connected, with remote-control capability via an app

The A/C service units in the ArticPRO® line have been redesigned and optimized. The result: more functionality, improved handling, tried-and-tested quality, and an emphasis on “connectivity” and “digitization” in line with the Workshop 4.0 concept. This is a new generation of units with a new look and feel—as well as a new name. Here you’ll find a complete overview of all the latest developments.

Familiar units get a facelift

The new ArcticPRO® generation

New features

These are still the same ArcticPRO® units you’re familiar with—only better, more innovative, and more modern. The units are cutting-edge when it comes to connectivity and ease of maintenance—with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, a large touch screen, a status monitoring app, and Remote Service.

New design

But the features aren’t the only things that have changed. So has the design. For example, you can now flip the cover open like the hood of a car—no screwdriver required—to get at the inner workings of the unit. And it’s not just the design that’s new—the unit names are too.

New names

Be aware: Even the names of the A/C units have changed.
In the following we'll tell you which unit is behind the new name.

Here’s an overview of the new unit names:

ACX 120 is now ACX 320 ACX 220 is now ACX 420*
ACX 150 is now ACX 350* ACX 250 is now ACX 450*
ACX 180 is now ACX 380*
ACX 280 is now ACX 480*
ACX 110 remains ACX 110 ACX 210 remains ACX 210
ACX 255 remains ACX 255

Your advantages at a glance


  • For all new units, MAHLE provides prompt support with Remote Service directly on the unit via Wi-Fi
  • Process overview on the large screen with direct start function
  • Automatic software updates in the background
  • Easy, fast leak detection with nitrogen or forming gas via a direct connection to the air conditioner
  • ASA interface for data exchange


  • Automatic request for service with a service technician
  • Easy-to-view unit status via smartphone app
  • Large service door with direct access to all components


  • Accurate HVAC performance test
  • LED light indicates status anywhere in the workshop
  • All vehicle and service info available at a glance
  • VCI connection for running diagnostics directly on the unit
  • Optional paper printout

All our A/C service units are still based on MAHLE’s E3 technology.

Your contact & information material

New product brochure:

You’ll find everything you need to know about the new generation in the new Service Solutions brochure.
>> Here`s the new brochure for easy download. [PDF; 1491 KB]

Your direct contact:

If you have any questions, contact MAHLE Service Solutions directly:

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