Top-notch A/C service at low cost

- two new ArcticPRO® entry-level units, the ACX 110 and ACX 210, from MAHLE Service Solutions

With the ACX 110 and ACX 210, we now offer two new entry-level A/C service units for your workshop. Affordable and with proven MAHLE quality. Here we give you a brief introduction to the two units.

All features at a glance

Where the two devices differ—the refrigerant:

  • The ACX 110 is designed to use refrigerant R134a.
  • The ACX 210 is designed to use refrigerant R1234yf.

What they have in common—cool features:

  • Weighing just 65 kg and extremely compact—for mobile applications
  • MAHLE E3 technology—for an ecological, economical, and efficient A/C service
  • USB interface—for remote diagnostics, software updates, and a refrigerant report
  • European service network—for remote diagnostics, service, and support, anytime and anywhere
  • Online connection—for controlling and monitoring components, diagnosing malfunctions, and implementing software updates, anytime and anywhere
  • High-performance vacuum pump (50 L/min)
  • Automatic process flow
  • Integrated flushing software in accordance with VDA specifications
  • No manual valve adjustment needed
  • For passenger cars, commercial and off-road vehicles, and optionally for agricultural and hybrid vehicles

Optional features:

  • Printer for customer reports and database for service data
  • Hose extension available
  • Database for servicing air conditioning systems in large equipment such as construction and agricultural machinery

Detailed product information can be found in an easy-to-read table in this product sheet:

>> product flyer ACX 110 [PDF; 6621 KB]

>> product flyer ACX 210 [PDF; 6616 KB]

Olaf Henning, Managing Director of MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH, assures: “With our entry-level units, we offer our workshop partners highly cost-effective products for A/C servicing that feature the MAHLE quality customers are accustomed to.”

But that’s not all:

MAHLE Service Solutions doesn’t just offer entry-level units. The ArcticPRO® model series covers all models from entry level through professional and premium—for refrigerants R134a and R1234yf.

Here’s a brief overview:

  • For refrigerant R134a

    ACX 110

    ACX 120

    ACX 150

    ACX 180

  • For refrigerant R1234yf

    ACX 210

    ACX 220

    ACX 250

    ACX 280

    ACX 255

Various accessories and attachments round out the offering in the A/C service sector:

  • ROU (recovery only unit): extraction concept for recovery of unknown and contaminated refrigerants
  • Flushing kit: service unit for flushing the HVAC system
  • Accessories: leak detector, refrigerant analysis unit, and more

You’ll find more detailed information on each device in the “Workshop equipment” section of our website. Click here

If you’re interested in one of the devices or have general questions about workshop equipment from MAHLE Service Solutions

- here is our direct contact:

Sales: +49 711 501-14000

Support: +49 711 501-14003

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Some 30 years ago, we brought the first A/C service unit onto the market, marking a milestone for the ecologically sound recycling of refrigerants as well as the birth of a completely new business area for workshops. Since then, we’ve worked continuously on developing and expanding our portfolio. Today, MAHLE Aftermarket can offer you the right solution for every application or need, whether it’s A/C or transmission service, vehicle diagnostics, or exhaust gas measurement.


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