If you get stuck with vehicle diagnostics or repairs, RemotePRO-a new technical service from MAHLE-can help. The small device enables remote vehicle diagnostics with access to original equipment manufacturer data, directly in the vehicle: quickly, reliably, and at a fixed price.

Removing and installing headlights, changing brake parts: More and more often, automotive professionals are already reaching the limits of manual repairs on modern vehicles. The reason is simple: New parts often have to be coded or taught.


The increasing digitalization in vehicle construction makes cars and vans more and more complex. Due to the high speed of development and increasing cyber security demands by vehicle manufacturers, multi-brand workshops often reach their technical limits, especially when diagnosing new vehicles.


When everything else fails, the last resort is often driving to the authorized dealer or purchasing multiple OE tools with access to the manufacturer's online portal. Both are time-consuming and costly for independent workshops. And that's where MAHLE comes in. Our solution: RemotePRO.

RemotePRO: The solution for difficult diagnostic cases

RemotePRO is a VCI (Vehicle Control Interface) that directly connects the vehicle to MAHLE's remote service.


It is the ideal complement to MAHLE's TechPRO® universal diagnostic devices (as well as BRAIN BEE's Connex) and covers more manufacturers (more than 60!) than the competition.


With this, you can access the data of the original manufacturers for complex diagnoses and service routines, just like authorized workshops. Using a chat function - even on Saturday - you can call in specialists who guide you competently through the diagnostic process.

Features of the VCI:

  • Display to show connection status
  • WiFi module
  • Ethernet port
  • CAN-FD and DoIP ready
  • Can drive four CAN buses simultaneously.

Thus, the VCI supports all new and future standards.

Good to know: RemotePRO currently covers more than 60 brands and is continuously being expanded. This means that MAHLE's remote service has the broadest coverage in the market and completes the diagnostic functions of TechPRO®.

Fast and inexpensive help

These are the advantages of remote diagnostics with MAHLE:


  • The service is available on all TechPRO® platforms (standalone, iOS, Windows, Android)
  • No appointment is required to use the remote service.
  • The wait time for the helpdesk to respond to your request is approximately two to three minutes and is available on Saturdays.
  • RemotePRO is a pay-per-use solution at a fixed price. If the RemotePRO service is unable to successfully complete a service, it will not be billed. Note: A TechPRO diagnostic license is required for use.
  • Workshops must receive a prepaid e-credit card with 250 MAHLE Coins (equivalent to 250 euros) from their dealer when purchasing a RemotePRO device, which the dealer has previously activated on MAHLE's Go-live portal. The average price for a remote diagnostic service is around 75 MAHLE Coins (75 euros).

RemotePRO can do that:

  • Preparatory scanning + clearing the errors: scanning performed when a repair intervention is accepted, including clearing the errors
  • Final scanning + clearing the errors: scanning performed after a repair intervention is completed, including clearing the errors
  • Calibration: calibration of systems, including ADAS modules
  • Programming + calibration: component activation and subsequent calibration
  • Programming / Coding: programming and/or coding of modules or sensors after intervention
  • Service reset: required procedures during routine/scheduled maintenance
  • Special Configurations and Investigations: Support and diagnosis for specific problems
  • Key coding: programming procedures for transponder keys

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