In this challenge, the air is gone!

Jean Pierre. from JP Performance, had his nose in the wind on November 28 - and with him 11 other celebrities from the YouTube scene. Microsoft and Xbox invited the challengers to the introduction of the new Forza Motorsport 7 in the climate wind tunnel of MAHLE, held here - in the eye of the storm - a unique racing game event.

For the big challenge, 6 teams competed against each other. There were three stages to be mastered under different climatic conditions: the fastest lap in a tropical climate, with wind speeds up to 40km / h and - the last and most extreme race - an alpine stage at 8 ° C, with ice and wind.

At the end, the team from Italy, consisting of Lega Nerd and Frax, had the lead - closely followed by JP and his co-pilot.


Following the race, JP also took the opportunity to shoot a video in the climate wind tunnel with his Porsche 991 Turbo. If you want to check out the “Storm-Tested” Car, you can do it here!



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