For real men and real women: “eau de garage” - the new scent for your car

Something in the air at home or anywhere else? Nobody needs that, especially not you! That´s why we developed “eau de garage” - for you, your buddies and every other workshop fan!

For real men: our fragrance-tree “eau de garage”

Who doesn’t know fragrance trees? The tiny cardboard accessoire already made its way from the USA to Europe in the 60´s - back than in shape of a fir tree! Today we can´t imagine used cars that are tuned and taken care of very well, without the tiny fragrance dispensers. Some would even say yesterday's fragrance tree is basically todays foxtail!


Unique: The perfect gift for gearheads

True professionals simply love it: the typical workshop scent - precisely composed with metal, oil, grease and a little bit of gasoline. That´s why we provided you with the fragrance tree “eau de garage”. Exactly right for real men, women and workshop professionals.

More than 13,000 times you granted yourself the true gearhead scent for your car and your home. Simply amazing! We have now started to deliver your new scent. We hope you enjoy our scent as much as we do!

Our Workshop Wallpaper

Our Workshop Wallpaper – For You!
Get the full experience and download the perfect background for your screen right here:

Wallpaper 1366x768 [JPG; 895 KB]
Wallpaper 1920x1080 [JPG; 1512 KB]
Wallpaper 1920x1200 [JPG; 1572 KB]
Wallpaper 2560x1440 [JPG; 2198 KB]
Wallpaper 2560x1600 [JPG; 2327 KB]


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