Get Into The Russian Drift

Lots of smoke and even more adrenaline: As sponsor of the Russian Drift Series, MAHLE is at the forefront and takes you with it!

The Beast From The East: MAHLE Talks With Georgy Chivchyan

Russian drift motorsport was born on the streets of Moscow. He grew up with the Russian Drift Series Grand Prix at the latest.

The "Tsar of Drifters", Georgy "Gocha" Chivchyan, the reigning FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup Champion and two-time Russian Drift Series Grand Prix Champion, came out big with the RDS.

As a sponsor of the Russian spectacle we would like to introduce you to this extraordinary racing athlete and his arena.

2016: RDS Really Stepping On The Gas

Before Dmitriy Dobrovolskiy took over the RDS in 2016, the Russian drifters raved through Russia four times: The races were divided into the regions West, East, Siberia and Urals.

With the unification to a new major sports event came international drivers and judges, the tracks had world class level and the races anyway.

In 2019 the Russian race of the extra class will take place on an absolute top level.

The "Yellow Flash": "Gocha" And The Nissan Silvia S15

As long as the race audience can think, Georgy "Gocha" Chivchyan will compete with his yellow Nissan.

Originally purchased from a Japanese auction house, his Silvia S15 today impresses with its super performance: The 700 hp engine reaches speeds beyond 9,000. And of course sponsor MAHLE is also on board when "Gocha" makes the air burn at the RDS 2019.

With MAHLE On Board: Our Insights From The RDS 2019


In our video, you experience "Gocha" in an interview, hear from him personally how he developed from a hobby driver to a champion, what role MAHLE played from the beginning - and how the race in Moscow turned out for him and us.

We wish you a lot of fun!

The Drift Rules

Basically, four criteria are evaluated:

1. speed - the faster, the better

2. the drift angle - the bigger the better.

With this rating you have to find a good compromise, because the vehicle also loses speed measured by the size of the angle.

3. the line

this is given by markings on the track, so that the drivers have to approach certain points precisely, sometimes with the front, sometimes with the rear.

4. the style - the most important point.

This is mainly about how to start the drift and how to move the car. If, for example, you have a lot of steering corrections, how high is the full throttle ratio, etc.).

In the qualification runs, three referees evaluate each driver individually.

It will be exciting in the Twin-Battle where you drive according to the K.O. - principle.

Two riders compete against each other in two runs. Each pilot drives as a leader in the front and as a chaser in the back.

The leader drives after the four criteria mentioned above, while the chaser tries to stay as close as possible to the person in front. The closer and the more synchronously the chaser follows the leader, the better it will be rated.


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