The Race is on: MAHLE Motorsports Arcade

Power, speed and precision: Do you have the skills for the MAHLE Motorsports Arcade? Then download our new Motorsports app for smartphones and tablets free of charge and play the MAHLE Motorsports racing game!

Do you want to experience real racing fever? Then you'll need to be fast – ever since the launch of MAHLE Motorsports Arcade players have been outdoing each other with higher and higher scores. What’s your best score? Find out and grab pole position! The tingling sensation before the start, the thrill of the corners, the joy of victory – this is genuine motoring. Be there – always and everywhere: with MAHLE Motorsports Arcade.

Full throttle – there's an app for that!

MAHLE Motorsports Arcade is a genuine première – the first MAHLE Motorsports game for smartphones and tablets. Available free of charge on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Playing together is easy and great fun: Pick up power packs, dodge oil puddles, and finally get the high score. To increase the fun factor, we’ve designed our racing sport spectacle in the style of classic arcade games from the 80s.

The racing game offers a lot of action in a retro look – fast-forward into the 80s and back to the future. Six different vehicles – from Stock Car to Formula 1 – are ready to be unlocked and driven. And on three routes: the MAHLE Motorsports Park, the MAHLE City Circuit and the Nikasil Desert Track.

Control is intuitive, either by moving the mobile phone (gyro) or by touching the screen (touch control). The only thing that doesn’t have to be fast is your network: After downloading the app, the MAHLE Motorsports Arcade can be used without an Internet connection.

Be fast – and be first!

The best thing is that you can compare your high scores with other players. Who will be on the high-score list during the first days? Pro tip: To be at the forefront from the outset, be one of the first to download the game!

2 fast 4 U: MAHLE Motorsports Arcade multiplayer version

We’ve done the maths: the multiplayer version of MAHLE Motorsports Arcade is twice as much fun as playing alone. If you and your racing buddy are on the same Wi-Fi network, you can play against each other in multiplayer mode. Yet another reason to download our new free app for smartphones and tablets and make even more noise with your skills in the MAHLE Motorsports racing game!

Who will get the high score on the highway – you or your adrenaline-driven rival, er, mate? Put on your racing suits and helmets, buckle up and off to the tablets / smartphones. We wish all racers good speed!

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