All about 500 HP, Tuning and JP Performance

What happens when JP Performance, a Golf VII GTI and MAHLE meet?

If you want to know, stay tuned. Because here we will introduce the 500 HP strong power machine to you – including its creator JP from JP Performance. Just have a glance and look forward to two real power packages!

JP invitation to MAHLE at Automechanika

How do 500 HP work in a Golf VII GTI? With MAHLE pistons! And where do you get to see this? At our Automechanika 2016 booth – hall 3, booth A11/A20

On September, 13 from 12:00 o’clock pm until 1 o’clock pm and on September, 14 from 11 o’clock pm until 12:00 o’clock pm JP is waiting for you on the MAHLE booth. You can’t believe it? Then have a look at the video and let him invite you personally!


Fancy a preview?

How does a 500 HP strong Golf VII GTI look from up close? You can see this here! Just click onto the video, lean back and enjoy. But don’t forget to put your seatbelt on!


PS.: Participation is everything!

You want to experience how JP tests the modified Golf VII GTI? Then get on board and hold on tight ‘cause here come 500 HP in 360 Degree! By the way: In our video JP, as always, comes straight to the point and talks about why he counts on MAHLE when it comes to pistons!


Where can I get them?

Here you can find more information about where to buy and which application will fit into your car.

If you have further question please contact MAHLE Motorsports USA.


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