Like new again with MAHLE products—the Jaguar project

Here at MAHLE, cars with a story are just as close to our hearts as the development of new products for the vehicles of the future. That’s why we came up with the CLASSIC LINE.

The history of a classic


The new CLASSIC LINE represents vintage car care “made in Germany.” So that classics stay classic. The program currently covers about 1,600 vehicle applications—including Niko’s Jaguar.

The Jaguar Mark 2, built in London in 1964, is one of these cars with a story. To keep this story from coming to an end, we at MAHLE followed this engine rebuild and made the Jaguar hum again with original spare parts from MAHLE.

Restoration in five episodes

In five episodes you can see what it really takes to restore a vehicle and how much work it takes to make a treasure like this Jaguar keep purring like a kitten.

We’d like to thank our partners for their fantastic support with this project.

Can I get MAHLE for my baby too?

You might be wondering whether MAHLE has the right products for your little baby in the garage too.

Simply visit and request a CLASSIC LINE catalogue.

Any questions about our CLASSIC LINE products? No problem. E-mail us at:


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