Grillwochen 2.0 - Now it's getting cool

For several years now, the trend "winter grilling" has been an integral part of the grilling season among the hard-boiled fans. Dän our grill master explains to you what you have to watch out for when grilling in winter.

Too bad, summer is over and so are the convivial barbecue sessions with friends in warm temperatures. But why not heat up the barbecue at minus 5 degrees and invite your friends to a winter barbecue event?

Our barbecue master Dän will now tell you what you have to bear in mind so that the mood among the guests doesn’t cool off.

Tip 1: Location


Whoever wants to organize the Wintergrillevent in the garden should take the following precautions:

  • If possible, set up a pavilion or provide seating for the guests near the house wall.
  • Heating mushrooms are a fabulous solution to keep the mood from freezing. These can be rented on the Internet. E.g. with or
  • If you don't want to use a heating mushroom, you can naturally also ignite a classical campfire. However, caution is ordered here! The fire should be built with enough distance to house, trees and other combustible materials.
  • Warm blankets are also a good way to keep guests warm.
  • Instead of beer and lemonade you can offer your guests a nice mulled wine or punch. Alternatively, it can also be warmed up with a grog. Here, however, you should always keep an eye on the quantity.

TIP 2: Food


In order to make this special Grillevent even better, one should attach special importance to the selection of food.


  • The same applies in winter as in summer. Always buy and process high quality meat.
  • It’s a good idea to sometimes to fall back on game meat and lamb from rearing, or to use the opportunity to grill geese or ducks. With whole animals, you have to make sure that they also fit in the grill.
  • If the grill is very hot, start grilling the meat directly and then slowly finish cooking it indirectly. This ensures perfect juiciness and exactly the right degree of cooking.

Side dishes

  • When shopping, we are happy to take seasonal products into account. In addition to mushrooms, beetroot and turnips are a great vegetable to grill in winter.
  • Grilled pumpkin is also very tasty when cut. Alternatively, you can fill small Hokkaido pumpkins with cheese and sour cream and cook it in one piece.
  • Soups or also a Chili con Carne can easily be made warm in a cast iron pot. Either you hang this pot on a tripod over your campfire or you put this pot on your grill. The only important thing is that you take good care of the pot. It should never be rinsed with detergent and you should always melt some fat on the bottom first when filling.
  • SPECIAL TIP: Mulled wine, punch and other hot drinks can also be made warm in such a pot.

Good to know

  • The grill needs significantly more fuel in winter than in summer. So it’s better to fill the fireplace with 5-10 more pieces of charcoal or open the gas bottle a little more.
  • With gas bottles, one should pay attention that these do not stand on a cold underground. Otherwise no more gas can come out of the bottle, since it will become liquid under the pressure.
    • Simple trick: Place the gas bottle in a bucket or bowl with warm water. That warms the bottle and the gas pressure is there again.
  • Use a grill with a lid, so that the heat can be used in the grill and does not fly away directly.
  • At the end, take the cooked food back into the warmth as fast as possible or cut it open directly over the fire. This way, the meat and the side dishes cannot become cold and the taste does not suffer through cooled spots.

Tip 3: Recipes


What goes well with mulled wine and Co? In order for the whole package to be right, you have to think about the right recipes in addition to the already mentioned precautions for the location and the food.

Of course, Dän also has a few ideas for this. But we don't just want to tell all his secrets. Now, you have the chance to win one of 30 barbecue books "Grillen mit Herz & Feuer".

In this book there are not only recipes that are great for grilling in winter, you also get a guide around the topic grilling. Which grill makes sense? What do I have to pay attention to when buying meat?

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We wish you a lot of fun!

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