MAHLE sponsors the Rally Nova Gorica in Slovenia

Rally Nova Gorica took place in Nova Gorica/Slovenia and its surroundings from September 6 to 8, 2018. For the last five years, it has been the biggest Slovenian motorsports event, not only because it’s been included as one of the important international competitions, but also because of the many visitors who, by means of their presence, show the tradition of motorsports in this part of Slovenia.

In line with current automotive trends, this year’s classic rally was combined with the so-called Eco Rally of vehicles with new technologies. While the latter was organized for the first time last year, the organizers wanted to create a synergy of both events this year by hosting the rallies at the same time. This event fully harmonizes with MAHLE’s dual strategy; we therefore sponsor both rallies. In this way, we promote e-mobility and projects for internal combustion engine vehicles.

The Eco Rally started on Thursday, September 6, which saw the convoy of electric vehicles set off to Brda, continue over Lig to the Soča Valley, go over Morsko, and head back to Nova Gorica. On the second day, the route started in front of Merkur, continued over Predmeja to Postojna and back to Štanjel, and then to Nova Gorica. The total length of the rally was 256 kilometers with 7 regularity tests. The Hyundai Ioniq team received the fewest penalty points and thus won the rally—beating the other 24 teams.

The drivers of the 7th MAHLE rally completed a total of 150 kilometers with12 speed tests. Of the 95 teams that started the rally, 73 passed all 12 speed tests successfully. The overall victory was celebrated by the Czech team.

MAHLE participated in the Eco Rally with three teams. The two from Šempeter competed with the Renault ZOE and the BMW i3. A team from Stuttgart also took part.



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