The DR!FT-Racer special edition in JP/MAHLE design!

As early as 2018, the legendary BMW E30 in MAHLE retro design was created in a tuning project with JP Performance. Now it is available for you at home: the perfect small-format replica as a special edition of a DR!FT racer from Sturmkind. You can get it exclusively in the MAHLE Fanshop - but only while stocks last!

New in our store: E30 DR!FT-Racer special edition

Get one of our DR!FT racers now and show your colleagues, friends and family what you're made of. Whether office, kitchen or children's room, with the racer from Sturmkind everything becomes a race track.


What you get for your money

Your package contains:

  • DR!FT-Racer BMW M3 E30 - Gymkhana full version
  • Exclusive trading card with signature of the mechanic
  • Transport box in carbon-look
  • Gymkhana Gaming Targets
  • Start-finish line
  • 6x Racing Curbs
  • Torx screwdriver
  • Charging cable
  • Instructions

Order the DR!FT-Racer now in the Fanshop!

DR!FT-Racer - revolutionary driving simulation for you at home!

DR!FT is the world's first small-format (1:43 scale) simulation of real driving physics.

Your DR!FT racer is the result of innovative robotic technology and therefore offers much more than a normal RC car. DR!FT racers' realistic driving experience includes acceleration, braking distance, skidding and the most difficult to represent state of controlled drifting.

Over a longer distance (e.g. 10 meters) the DR!FT-Racer accelerates true to scale until it reaches top speed.

The DR!FT-Racer controls include throttle, foot brake, hand brake and steering. In addition, there are additional functions such as light, starting and stopping the engine and launch control.

More information about the DR!FT-Racer can be found at

Sturmkind Drift Auto MAHLE E30 M3 Design

Performance, power and fun - with the JP/MAHLE special edition

In addition to the detailed design, we have equipped your MAHLE E30 M3 with the same 2jz six-cylinder turbo engine as it was installed in the original. But of course virtually! That means: As with all DR!FT racers, you can upgrade to more powerful engines and setups. How about the original DTM high-revving 4-cylinder or a supercharged V8?

Can you get the hang of it? Have fun drifting, racing and gaming!

Get your DR!FT-Racer now in the MAHLE fanshop!



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