The DO's and DON'Ts for grilling

We have shown you the basics on how to become a good grill master and, now you need to learn how to look cool doing it.

In order to be prepared for a barbecue, Dän has put together five tips and absolute “no go's” for you to follow. Now you can shine at your next bbq and be known as THE expert grill master in your group of friends.

5 Do's

No 1

What goes in – must come out. Time to put on your thinking cap. Cheap is cheap, even when it comes to meat. Even having the world’s best grill will not save your from bad meat. Stay away from cheap priced meat. Better to invest a few more bucks at your local butcher for a good piece of meat, and being able to pick out “Bessy” yourself. Be smart about what you grill and also invest in a larger grill, that way you can serve the entire neighborhood!

Incidentally - it is better to take unsalted with a more game taste and then spice it up a little with some salt and pepper rather than always using marinade.

No 2

Speaking of marinade. It has to go on the steak before going on the grill. Because the marinade has already fulfilled its’ purpose and purpose alone of the exchanging the taste when the meat goes on the grill. So marinade it first before throwing it on the grill.

No 3

Dry is important - BEFORE grilling! Always pat the meat dry before grilling. This allows the heat to penetrate directly into the meat without the moisture evaporating from the meat.

No 4

For the beautiful stripes on the meat - to be precise, BARBECUE. Everyone knows how a grilled piece of steak must look - with nice grill stripes. This works best on a cast grate.

No 5

Aroma Boost - Herbs such as thyme or rosemary produce a special aroma. Simply soak the herbs in water and then put them in the embers. Trust me, it really works!

Special Tip

Push the pattie - to get a nice flat pattie while grilling a burger, just push a small hole into the center, with a bowl, of the patties before laying it on the grill.

5 Don'ts

No 1

As in the garage – you always need the right tools!

It does not necessarily have to be the gilded 500 Euro BBQ tongs, but it should be a pair of tongs. In any case, NO FORKS ALLOWED! You do not want punctured meat in the end, but you just want to be able to move it around a little bit on the grill.

So grab instead of stab

No 2

Patience is a virtue - and everyone should have this. Flipping the grilled food around not only prevents the meat from getting a nice crust, but in most cases it is constantly tearing it off the grate. Better hang up and move again when it is really necessary.

So, stay relaxed and let the grill do its job

No 3

Beer always helps - but not necessarily when grilling. At least not on the meat! Everyone knows this scence: Your dad, as he stands over the grill on a Sunday afternoon, holding his beer in his hand, accompanied by the hissing and sizzling of the beer dripping on the meat. But this is one of the biggest mistakes, self-explanatory. The beer runs into the embers and whirls up the ashes which then settle on the meat – this is not very tasty or healthy. If dad gets way in over his head, you can always put out of the flame and start over.

No 4

Give the meat what it needs. Not only is the time on the grate crucial but also the right grilling method. Big pieces prefer to be grilled backwards, whereas thin pieces of steak or even sausages prefer to be grilled forward. Always keep in mind that you have enough indirect grill area to be able to "park" something in between.

No 5

Please do not flare - As we have already mentioned, you need some time for grilling and you should take that into consideration. Whoever wants to heat their grill with gasoline, spirit or similar remedies, should think again. And, because your “goatie” has finally grown out to where you want it to be, put the gasoline down! You don’t want to burn off that nice “stash”. Enjoy your time with family and friends and stop being a Pyro-maniac.

Therefore, here is our tip: When it says, "charcoal lighter", the chance is greater that your hair, mood and friends will remain intact.

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