Put one in, take one out—get a cold drink every time!

We’ve all been there: the barbeque is in full swing, and you want to grab a cold drink from the refrigerator. But there’s just one problem: you keep reaching for the warm drinks because the bottles have been stacked from the top down, leaving the warm ones at the top. So you either need great dexterity to pull out a cold bottle, or you set off an avalanche—and inadvertently become the center of attention at the party.

MAHLE has the solution!

The COOLING MODULE for the refrigerator


From now on, not only does your vehicle’s HVAC system benefit from MAHLE cooling, but so does your own fridge! Be it in the repair shop or at home: the MPULSE cooling module is the solution! Currently only available in Germany! Be one of the first and order it right here and now.

The chute can be filled with any drinks bottles up to 0.33 liters.

Only while stocks last!

Let the summer begin!

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