You’re the coolest!

Since September, we’ve been searching for the coolest workshop on the planet. You entered the battle for the title by submitting your workshop photos. And now, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Read on to find out who the lucky winner of the tuned air conditioning service unit is. And second and third place don’t go away empty-handed, either.

And the winner is ...

... the training workshop at the BBS 1 Uelzen vocational school!

1. First place

Uwe Moldenhauer, master vehicle technician and on-the-job training instructor at BBS 1 Uelzen, is training supervisor for exhaust emissions testing and air conditioning systems, as well as high-voltage technology. He submitted the contest entry for his training workshop with the following words: “The students at our one-year professional vocational school for automotive engineering are AMPED UP! Amped up for input, amped up for everything that involves moving parts, and amped up for anything to do with cars! With any luck, our amped-up boys will be voted the coolest and can soon launch their professional careers with even more expertise under their belts.”

We think it’s awesome that a teacher considers his students to be the coolest “up-and-coming” mechanics. MAHLE also places great value on a comprehensive, high-quality apprenticeship. And that’s why the MPULSE jury has decided to award first place in the competition to the training workshop at BBS 1 Uelzen. We’re sure that our tuned service unit will add lots of fun and variety to the daily lesson plan thanks to its special features and technical performance.

So, we would like to congratulate you on winning the title of “Coolest (Training) Workshop” and scoring first place!

This tuned ACX 150 model is a real one of a kind: unrivalled anywhere in the world, thanks to its underbody lighting, engine noise, rims, and countless other features. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. And it’s all yours to enjoy!

  • First place: A pimped-out ACX 150 air conditioning service unit with lots of special features from MAHLE...
  • ...and 15 cool MAHLE watches for your workshop team

In the March issue of the MPULSE customer magazine, we’ll introduce you to the workshop and the lucky winners, with all the details.

And now, on to second and third place in the competition!

Hard work deserves to be rewarded

Second place:15 MAHLE #pistonstyle retro mugs

Second place

Second place goes to a workshop in Ukraine: HOROL AUTO! You made the greatest effort by far. You sent us no fewer than 42 photos (!!) showing just how cool you are. And you most definitely are a cool team! Your pics show that despite working hard, you have fun together and you’re passionate about working on cars. And we think it’s cool that you use MAHLE products in your workshop. That’s why we’re happy to award second place to such a motivated team, along with 15 of our exclusive MAHLE piston-style retro mugs. Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

Staying true with trucks

Third place: 15 MAHLE Motorsports calendars for 2018

Third place

Third place is awarded to another Ukrainian workshop: KPP Centr. The Strans Service Team specializes in the repair and maintenance of heavy-duty commercial vehicles. And you rely on high-quality spare parts to get the job done, which is why you use MAHLE Original brand products. We say thank you for your loyalty with this third place award! You’ve won 15 MAHLE Motorsports calendars, hot off the press for 2018, which you’ll soon be able to use to spruce up your workshop. Enjoy these cool race cars—month after month!

Congratulations and thank you!

Great job to all our winners. We hope you’ll have fun with your prizes! Thanks also to all those contestants who didn’t take home a prize this time. Don’t be discouraged—just try again next time. We look forward to receiving your entry. Good luck!


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