Which grill accessories make sense?

It’s go time, your new grill is fired up, that perfect piece of meat is grilling away, your family is anxiously waiting in anticipation for their meat.

But what about the accessories? Do I have the right coal? Am I using the right tongs? These are all questions that should be answered before grilling.

We make it short, sweet and to the point

Here is some free advice for you from our master DÄN, with the top 5 accessory tips:

Outdoorchef Gourmet Check

The Gourmet Check is impressive with its’ clear and user-friendly user interface. At the same time, the dual-sensor probe measures the circulating air and core temperatures and, together with the integrated timer and alarm function, guarantees the steak stays juicy.


Rösle Gourmets

The patented locking system of the gourmet snake, by Rösle, allows opening and closing with just one hand. The ergonomic shape of the gourmets is comfortable and secure in your hand.


CIG Cast Grate

For the right branding and the best possible heating of your food with the cast grate, you are well supplied. High quality cast iron, branded and ready to use.


Charcoal (Lüneburger)

For the highest demands, with long burning time, glowing up to 3 times longer than charcoal, lots of soot and low smoke emissions. Ideal for the balcony or lotus grill, environmentally - friendly and sustainable.


Grill Brush (made of brass)

The cheapest can be found in a hardware store. It does not have to be anything special, just a brush with brass bristles. The brass bristles are generally better for cleaning because they are softer and will not wreck or deface the grill.

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