Let the good Times roll – with MAHLE

MAHLE is reviving the good old days of motor sports again this year - at the Solitude Revival 2019.

MAHLE in style and tradition at the Solitude Revival 2019

In July 2019, the Solitude Revival will take place for the sixth time at the legendary Solitude Ring - and MAHLE is proud to be among the premium sponsors again.

Of course, we will be there with a booth - including a photo box and several competent employees who will represent our CLASSIC LINE on the circuit. And there is an extensive promotion with lots of great prizes: Spread over 3 weeks you can win 50 tickets via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

But MAHLE not only wants to promote this traditional event, but also to inform those of you who have fun with "old iron" extensively: Every week, we post a vehicle from an epoch and tell a bit about it - of course with a special reference to MAHLE. So follow us regularly over the next few weeks if you're interested in the event and vintage racing in general!

CLASSIC LINE - the joy of tradition

BMW 3.0 CSi as seen in the BMW-Museum in Munich. Photo by Jiří Sedláček

The MAHLE CLASSIC LINE offers passionate mechanics and professional vintage car specialists a comprehensive range of spare parts. The carefully selected collection has been developed together with partners from the automotive industry for decades. To ensure that a classic remains a classic, production today takes place on modern equipment according to original specifications: So that automotive legends never die!

In addition to pistons and cylinders, the CLASSIC LINE catalogue also includes other product categories such as piston rings, plain bearings, valves, filters, thermostats, starters and generators. If you are interested in old vehicles, take a look inside: Here you will find all products for your classic car.

The MAHLE CLASSIC LINE: that means classic car care detail by detail.

Pure racing - experience it live at the Solitude Revival 2019!

In July 2019, the Solitude Revival will take place for the sixth time on the legendary Solitude Ring. The registration period is running! If you want to be part of this top-class event, you should hurry, because the number of participants is limited.

A little Solitude History

For decades, the Solitude Revival was THE racing event in Stuttgart and Leonberg - on the winding and demanding racetrack - here for you a small historical summary.

In 1903 the starting shot was fired for the first race at the Solitude - then as a hill climb for motorcycles. The so-called good old days, when a pound of coffee still cost 90 pennies. And you needed that energy of a strong cup of coffee: on the steep stretches you had to help the motorcycles with muscle power on the jumps.

The fascination of motorsport: more than 200,000 spectators as early as 1924

After the First World War, the Solitude race - still a mountain race - experienced an undreamt-of upswing in popularity. Starting in 1935, racing sports stars such as Hermann Lang, Stanley Woods, and Ewald Kluge celebrated success in the different classes of their time on a circuit that was largely identical to today's Solitude Ring between Leonberg and Stuttgart.

International racing icons at the start

From 1951 the event was put out to international tender again, and in 1954 the record number of 435,000 spectators was reached. World championship runs in all motorcycle classes took place here regularly: with such famous pilots as Jim Clark, Jack Brabham, Hans Herrmann or the unforgettable Graf Berghe von Trips. Due to safety reasons, 1965 was the last year for the famous racetrack.

Perhaps the Grand Prix of Germany would still be held on the Solitude Ring today if the decision had been taken in 1965 not to close down the race track, which is rich in tradition, but to expand it and adapt it to the safety regulations.

Curve after curve, engine noise and the smell of petrol

Demanding and sometimes stretching the limit of what's possible- that is the track profile of the Solitude ring.

The forest is high, dense and in some places quite close to both sides of the asphalt. The track profile is hilly, the course creates a peculiar and for a modern race track untypical connection between nature and technology. Outside the race weekend, the parts of the circuit are normal connecting roads between the cities of Leonberg, Sindelfingen and Stuttgart.

But since 2008 the air has been burning here for a few days, when motor sport lovers revive the old days in this perfect setting for a historical racing demonstration in different vehicle classes.

Two days of legends, passion and enjoyment

You can now be there live AND in the middle of it - on the track from back then with the vehicles from back then. A race track in its original form, as it was more than 50 years ago, can hardly be found anywhere in the world today. Driving on the 11.7 km long historic natural race track offers the owners of historic racing cars the extraordinary opportunity to present their vehicles on the asphalt to like-minded people and a large audience.

Every turn becomes an experience and you get a feeling for what it was like when Jim Clark or John Surtees did their laps here more than 50 years ago. Even though the Solitude Revival 2019 will no longer be a race, but the drivers will present their vehicles to the spectators, the ride on the historic circuit alone will give drivers and spectators goose bumps again. There will be 10,000 spectator tickets available for each of the two days.

Make sure you get your ticket in time, because the experience of the last years shows that the Solitude Revival is a real magnet for spectators!


A successful Solitude Revival 2019 is now behind us.

Eberhard Mahle, son of our company founder and founding member of Solitude Revival, was at the age of 86 again at the start and drove in a Porsche 911. Already in 1959, 60 years ago, the racing driver started on the Solitude in three races and achieved two victories.


So he is one of the legends on this racetrack.

We were able to accompany Eberhard Mahle on film and bring him together with the racing team "Four Motors" and its founder Tom von Löwis.

In the next weeks we will show you how this meeting went and what moves the two full-blooded racers.


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