Workshop 4.0

— approaching the digital transformation with MAHLE

Digital transformation, Industry 4.0, connectivity, autonomous driving—they’re all terms you will certainly have heard before. But what do they have to do with you and your workshop? And how can you benefit from them as a workshop expert? Read on to find out about the benefits offered by MAHLE’s digital solutions.

What exactly is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 refers to the comprehensive digitalization of industrial production in order to connect it with communication technology. It’s based on digitally interconnected systems and units that communicate with one another—and with you—in order to optimize and speed up work processes. And this means additional sales potential for your workshop. For instance, interconnected units allow you to perform diagnostics on, calibrate, and service a large number of different vehicles efficiently, reliably, and quickly.

What digital solutions can MAHLE offer?

Digitalization has been part of the production of components and service solutions at MAHLE for a long time. This technology helps to ensure constantly high product quality as well as excellent reliability of supply and processes . Through various pilot projects, MAHLE is driving the topic of Industry 4.0 forward and, in doing so, addressing topics such as how process flows in the production plants can be made more efficient and more effective.

This expertise naturally also flows into the development of MAHLE Aftermarket Service Solutions. Processes and innovations are thus adapted even more quickly and more effectively to meet the constantly changing requirements of the market and customers—for your benefit.

Automated forklifts

Having used automation solutions such as automated high-bay warehouses in our warehouse logistics for a number of years, MAHLE Aftermarket has now taken the next step: self-driving forklift trucks. Controlled via a mechanical guidance system, they remove and store pallets in the narrow aisles—even outside regular working hours. This allows us to speed up logistics processes, gain valuable storage space, and access more parts. This means that all parts are available anytime and can be sent on their way to you more quickly.

Interconnected AC service units

The service and diagnostic tools from MAHLE Aftermarket are interconnected and equipped with various software programs. Whenever a software update is available, our diagnostic and maintenance units will handle the download automatically so that they are always up to date. And if a fault occurs, the unit informs you directly (and can even send a message to your smartphone if you like). A further advantage is that you can integrate the equipment straight into your workshop network because Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are fitted as standard. So, for example, you receive service alarms as well as information on the next service and next remote diagnostics. All of this simplifies your day-to-day tasks in the workshop so that you can focus on maintaining and repairing vehicles, not service units.

Optimally interconnected: the new generation of ArcticPRO® units from MAHLE is setting new standards when it comes to connectivity and ease of maintenance—with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, a large touch screen, a status monitoring app, and Remote Service.

Remote Service

Delivering remote diagnostics: the vehicle diagnostic tool TechPRO® is a practical example of connectivity in vehicle servicing and maintenance. It detects the respective vehicle identification number and performs a fault diagnosis within a short time frame. The system works in real time, automatically downloads all the necessary vehicle information and software updates from the Internet, and thus stays up to date. Already, 30 million vehicles in total are being scanned each year at more than 25,000 different aftermarket dealerships and workshops with a product developed by MAHLE Service Solutions.

MAHLE CustomerCare

With the new MAHLE CustomerCare online platform, we’re creating a central location that brings together all of MAHLE’s expert knowledge for you. We support you with product information, installation videos, and guided troubleshooting for self-diagnostics—and give you the option of submitting questions to us directly via the portal. Functionality for ordering technical and marketing documents will be available soon. In the future, you’ll also be able to register online for our training courses. MAHLE CustomerCare is expected to go online in the first quarter of 2019. Through CustomerCare, you’ll be able to get in touch with us or access MAHLE’s expert knowledge immediately. Fast and direct via PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Online catalog

You’ll probably have already used our handy online catalog and are therefore familiar with MAHLE’s digital services. From cylinders and pistons to air conditioning compressors and cabin air filters: the range featured in the online catalog for Europe, Africa, and the Near East currently contains more than 38,000 products from areas such as engine components, mechatronics, air conditioning compressors, thermostats, and exhaust gas turbochargers—with more on the way! Workshops, wholesalers, and other business customers will discover that, following the relaunch, the catalog is now even more intuitive to use, with more refined search options, easier product comparisons, and even a newsfeed.

>> Click here for the online catalog

How the digital transformation at MAHLE benefits you:

Interconnected production at MAHLE not only ensures the excellent quality of MAHLE Aftermarket products, it also delivers developments and experience that then feed into MAHLE Aftermarket products for interconnected workshops.
  • Fast access to information
  • Quality assurance at our plants
  • Quality assurance in our products
  • High delivery & process reliability
  • Ability to adapt more quickly to your requirements and needs
  • Greater economic efficiency for your workshop
  • Increased satisfaction among your customers

“As far as we’re concerned, the specific added value for our customers is the focus of the development of our digital services. Together with the workshops and the wholesale trade, we’re in the middle of the digital transformation. And we’re moving forward in areas where our customers will see real benefit—through the rapid provision of information and quality assurance thanks to Industry 4.0 in our plants. We’re transferring this digital expertise from the OE segment directly into products for the aftermarket,” says Olaf Henning, Corporate Executive Vice President and General Manager MAHLE Aftermarket.


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