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MAHLE Aftermarket is a major player in the commercial vehicle segment: when it comes to starter motors and alternators, we cover more than 80 percent of all commercial vehicles. In terms of oil, fuel, air, and cabin filters, we supply more than 90 percent of all filter types* (*for the ten largest commercial vehicle manufacturers). And we’re also the aftersales market leader in turbochargers, with coverage of more than 50 percent. See an overview of everything we can offer for your commercial vehicle activities.

Trucks—the vehicles of superlatives

They’re the giants of the roads. Without them, nothing would get to its destination. That’s why it’s so important that everything works perfectly. So, when you need spare parts for your truck, rely on our competence and quality: choose MAHLE.


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Stories, news, and useful information

Whether it’s a truck race or 30 times around the earth—trucks fascinate us and pose specific challenges. To keep you informed, we’ve published lots of cool articles and videos on MPULSE about these heavyweights. Have you seen them yet? Just click on the links below and prepare to be impressed!

More than 1.2 million kilometers, almost 30 times around the earth

With its indestructible power cell units (PCU)—consisting of the piston, piston pins, piston rings, and cylinder liners—MAHLE has created the right conditions to achieve this long-distance performance: thirty times around the earth and no wear and tear!

>> See article and video here

The truck race of superlatives: five tons of iron and steel hurtling along at speeds of 160 kilometers per hour!

Truck Facts - the latest innovations

In our “Truck facts” series, we reveal three new innovations that take your giants from strength to strength.

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Saving fuel through waste heat recovery

MAHLE has developed a solution to increase the efficiency of the combustion engine in commercial vehicles and is the first to succeed in combining all these possibilities in one compact box: using a waste heat recovery (WHR) system.

>> Read more about the Boost Box

The high-end turbocharger for commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles demand a lot from their components. That’s why we’re continuously working to optimize our products for even better performance and an even longer service life. And that includes turbochargers.

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We regularly provide technical tips relating to the powertrain, thermal management, and mechatronics in automobiles.


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