Well-maintained transmissions live longer: the ATX 150

The global production of vehicles with automatic transmissions has grown by around 40 percent in the last five years. For your workshop, this means that your day-to-day work increasingly includes the servicing of automatic transmissions. By providing a professional automatic transmission service, you won’t miss out on these sales. That’s why, in addition to our professional unit, the ATX 180, our proven FluidPRO® line now also includes an entry-level model: the ATX 150.

The perfect starting point for professional service

Perhaps you’ve already heard of the ATX 180? (We reported on it in the article “Shift into high gear—with the ATX 180!”)

>> We now offer you the ATX 150, the corresponding entry-level model that can be used for passenger cars and delivery vans.

Automatic transmission oil service in proven quality

Automatic transmissions require regular servicing—with the highest quality: just like all operating media in the vehicle, the transmission oil ages over time. Of course, the specialists at MAHLE know this and have responded accordingly.

“Changing the oil regularly means you can enjoy driving with an automatic transmission for longer,” says Olaf Henning, Corporate Executive Vice President and General Manager MAHLE Aftermarket. “With the new ATX 150, we offer workshops a fast, low-cost, and precise service for automatic transmissions in passenger cars and delivery vans.”

This new model in the proven FluidPRO® line allows workshops to carry out the oil service in accordance with MAHLE Aftermarket’s E3 principle.

See in the video, how the flushing process with the ATX works:


Zero Cross—guaranteeing purity when changing oil type

MAHLE is continuously improving its transmission service standards. “The Zero Cross concept is requested by numerous vehicle manufacturers and has already proven itself in our ATX 180. So, the ATX 150 also has our unique service concept: guaranteed purity when changing the transmission oil type,” emphasizes Olaf Henning.

Oil types are changed by means of easily replaceable oil tanks. The ATX 150 has a fast and automatic cleaning program, so that the switch to a new transmission—and a new oil type—is safe and convenient. And you can be sure that the different oil types won’t get mixed up.

Optimal service: all you need for automatic transmissions from a single source


MAHLE is also constantly expanding and improving in the area of transmission oil filters. Recently, MAHLE Aftermarket expanded its range to include a number of additional filter products for automatic transmissions. The transmission oil filters remove abrasions from the transmission and thus provide effective protection against damage.

With these products and the ATX 150 and ATX 180 service units, MAHLE Aftermarket is able to offer a comprehensive automatic transmission service from a single source. You can use the MAHLE TechPRO® to perform diagnostics, and our range includes the right bypass thermostat too, so you’ve got everything you need. We hope you’ll have fun working with MAHLE and wish your workshop every success!


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