The classic line is growing

The chances are that no one would be satisfied with a “three-quarter” vintage car. The owners of historic cars place great value on ensuring that the vehicles are as authentic as possible—including the interior. The engine in particular must be equipped as it was for its first registration, or at least come from the series.


Cast piston, 4 cylinders, 21.5 liters

Modern classic, neoclassic, and particularly vintage cars are the most valuable monuments from automotive history. MAHLE keeps them running—on the basis of their original design drawings and invariably in original equipment quality.


Even with devoted care and maintenance, these cultural assets on wheels are “mortal” in spite of their amazing condition—engine parts wear out. This is all well and good if original equipment spare parts are available.


MAHLE is the “monument preservation society” for the engines of historic automobiles. The engine parts range, which was further expanded in 2016, is highly diversified. The Classic Line, for example, offers die-cast and forged pistons, piston rings, and cylinders for vehicles that have shaped the development of the automobile: from the Porsche 917 and the Mercedes-Benz 190 SL through to the Jaguar E-Type.


The MAHLE Classic Line only includes components that have been manufactured according to the original design documents. Many of the parts were developed and series-produced as early as the 1950s for original equipment purposes—together with renowned automobile manufacturers. For this line, MAHLE goes right back to those design drawings.

Benz race car Blitzen Benz 1911


On June 18, MAHLE received the RetroClassicsCultur Award for “Special contribution to the preservation of the historical automotive cultural heritage.” This was a strong incentive for MAHLE to expand the Classic Line range and enhance their services for modern classic, neoclassic, and vintage car enthusiasts.

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