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Did you know that MAHLE not only manufactures electric motors and electric drive and mechatronic systems for passenger cars and trucks, but also electrifies bikes? The subsidiary MAHLE SmartBike Systems has a real winner in its range with the X35+ drive system, which weighs just 3.5 kilograms and offers full connectivity.

Cycling is very much in vogue. In the e-bike market in particular, sales figures are steadily increasing. And MAHLE’s really getting involved with urban, race, gravel, and mountain bikes. In developing its e-bike drive systems, MAHLE builds on many years of experience in the automotive sector. More than 30 bicycle manufacturers rely on the compact drive motors with customized motor control, power-adapted battery, and connective components. These include the lightweight X35+ drive, but MAHLE’s range also contains mid-drive motors for mountain bikes. When it comes to connectivity, MAHLE SmartBike Systems is also a pioneer.

Lightweight and almost invisible

The X35+ from MAHLE consists of a wheel hub motor, a battery, and a control unit. Rather than follow the trend toward maximum power output, MAHLE offers ideal user-oriented performance. With the X35+, the entire system weighs in at just 3.5 kilograms—making it unique on today’s electric drive market.

And with a battery that is integrated into the frame and the wheel hub motor, there are hardly any visible signs of electrification. So even e-bikes can look sporty, agile, and stylish. This is particularly advantageous for suppliers of race, gravel, and urban bikes: the Exploro RaceMax BOOST Ultralight from the Italian manufacturer 3T is the lightest series-produced e-bike in the world, weighing just 9.9 kilograms. The manufacturers Scott with its Addict eRide and Orbea with its high-end Gain race bike also rely on the MAHLE drive system. The system cabling for the wheels is fully integrated in the frame.

The wheel hub motor concept has huge potential. The X35+ system doesn’t require any torque sensor in the bottom bracket, which allows bicycle manufacturers to install any desired bottom bracket system. At the same time, the hub motor offers particularly low internal friction, so the system starts and stops are very smooth. And when the electric drive system isn’t switched on or the battery runs out, the unit offers no resistance, and muscle power can be used for a natural cycling experience just like a conventional bicycle. This isn’t possible with a mid-drive motor. Moreover, due to the low weight of the drive system, the X35+ e-bikes weigh about as much as a conventional bicycle and can thus also be slung over the shoulder and carried up several flights of stairs.


The MAHLE drive unit in the X35+ system offers support by seamlessly delivering 250 watts of rated power at the touch of a button. The light electric drive weighing 2.1 kilograms is powered by a fully integrated battery with a capacity of 245 watt-hours, which makes distances of around 75 kilometers possible. An additional battery power bank with a capacity of 208 watt-hours is optionally available. Thus, journeys of more than 150 kilometers are also feasible.

Thanks to its gearbox, the small drive motor offers an incredible torque of up to 40 newton meters at the rear wheel axle. With this support, cycling at up to 25 kilometers per hour becomes a real pleasure. And if you’re going uphill, even long inclines are no problem. So it’s ideal for commuters as well as for ambitious long-distance cyclists.

Fully informed

Connectivity has become an essential part of our everyday lives. That’s why MAHLE SmartBike Systems has developed its own app that interacts with the main components of the drive. The new system can be connected to ANT+ devices such as sports watches or cycle computers, for example. This allows a large amount of data to be evaluated, such as how far and how fast the bike was ridden, how much electrical assistance was required on the route, as well as pulse measurement, range, and maintenance requirements.

The MAHLE e-bike components are summarized below:

  • Drive: Hub and mid-drive motors for every bike type
  • Battery: Integrated battery and range extender provide sufficient power with a suitable charger
  • On-board computer: Control components, display (HMI), and dedicated app offer an intelligent user interface
  • Connectivity: Networked components enable a variety of adaptations and new applications for the Internet of Things (IoT)—GPS, ANT+, 4G, and mobile apps

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The following electric road and gravel bikes contain the MAHLE drive system:
The Exploro RaceMax BOOST Ultralight from 3T is the record holder in terms of weight with the ultralight X35+ system from MAHLE: at just 9.9 kilograms, it is the lightest series-produced e-bike in the world.
The German manufacturer Urwahn Engineering is a pioneer in the field of 3D-printed steel bicycle frames. For the new, innovative Platzhirsch e-bike, the manufacturer has therefore also secured the innovative X35+ drive system from MAHLE.
Orbea Gain: The Gain is a new version of Orbea’s top race bike, which was one of the first to be fitted with the MAHLE system. The system cabling is now located entirely in the frame. Thanks to the recent integration of the iWocONE button, the MAHLE X35+ system is completely invisible in the side view.
Mondraker perfectly demonstrates the adaptability of the MAHLE X35+ system with the PLAY for children. This new children’s bike is not only available in different wheel sizes but is also the only child-friendly e-bike on the market.
Willier Triestina Hybrid Commuter: Founded in 1906, Willier is one of the oldest bicycle brands. Despite its historical roots, Willier was one of the first to pioneer the MAHLE X35 system. This has been acknowledged with three awards, including a design and innovation prize. In addition to the clever integration of the iWocONE button directly in the handlebars, the Triestina Hybrid Commuter has a comfortable and particularly lightweight frame, making the bike an unbeatable practical companion in the city center.
Schindelhauer Antonia: The Berlin-based company Schindelhauer is known for its urban retro designs and craftsmanship. The new Antonia features some of the latest cycling technologies, including the MAHLE X35+ system. After the men’s Arthur version, it is the second Schindelhauer bike to contain a MAHLE system.
MTB Souplesse: The Souplesse is the first MTB Cycletech bike to have the MAHLE X35+ system and includes some clever solutions such as a Pinion gearbox for a focus on flexible and easy mobility.


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