There are at least seven good reasons to choose MAHLE. Simply put: What we do is who we are and we are what we do. Our seven product groups combine our passion and aspiration to become your preferred partner of choice for your workshop – and we are certain that we can deliver.

Original equipment quality is our premise, regardless if it’s for OEMs or for the independent market. A perfect fit, great support and customer service is our promise – and we strive to go even further to become more than the sum of our parts.

Reason 1|7 - Engine Components

Taming a heart of fire: Our Engine Components

Yes, engines are the heart of any vehicle and our passion. Not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard owing to the tough working conditions. Average peak cylinder pressure, thermal and inertia force loads paired with requirements for reduced weight, lower oil consumption, and absolute safety – our engine components bear it all and deliver consistently. MAHLE pistons, piston rings and cylinder liners, bearings and valve trains are built to face the challenges on the road and the race track alike. Matching these vital parts to fit each other to perfection is the key to further increasing resilience in the furnace that keeps the world moving. Almost 100 years of experience and over 9,000 parts with best-in-class data quality – all produced to OE specs – for over 140 engine and vehicle manufacturers across the world, cover every possible need of workshops and make MAHLE the No. 1 piston manufacturer in the world.

Reason 2|7 - Filters

So fresh and so clean: Our Filters will keep you going

Who do you turn to when you are looking for filters with uncompromising quality and durability? That’s right: MAHLE is your choice. Or at least it ought to be! No matter if it’s paper, fleece or multilayer media – our filters get the job done and are manufactured to fit the application like a glove. Air, fuel, oil, hydraulics or particles – you name it. One of the many reasons why MAHLE is the No. 1 in market coverage across Europe when it comes to filters is that we not only get the job done, but convince you to become a true believer of our products. Our customer satisfaction is among the highest of all manufacturers which comes naturally when you consider the effort we put into our work. Our extensive OE and OES customer references speak for themselves in case you need any further reasons to not only become a customer yourself, but a fan.

Reason 3|7 - Engine Cooling & Air Conditioning

Keep cool. Keep Driving.

Humans or engines, we all thrive when we feel comfortable. Temperature is obviously a key factor for it and any combustion engine will only deliver the best performance, optimal efficiency and reduced fuel consumption when its temperature is kept at a constant level. From thermostat inserts, integrated housing to sleeve valve, map-controlled EGR or oil thermostats, as well as thermocouples and thermal switches: MAHLE is your best choice.

We are also keeping the driver and passengers cool. But it’s so much more than that. The air conditioning compressor is the heart of vehicle air con¬ditioning and makes sure there is a pleasant atmosphere in the passenger cabin. Our extensive product portfolio for the aftermarket features one of the industry’s best customer support to meet all the needs of workshop professionals.

Reason 4|7 - Starters & Generators

Getting off to a good start with MAHLE Mechatronics

Everyone who works in a repair shop knows them: future-oriented and durable starter motors and alternators from MAHLE. The reason for this is simple: We have something in stock for almost everyone and cover 50% of all generators and 44% of all starter motors on the market. Not that hard with about 700 each.

Years of service and development, a high customer satisfaction as well as millions of built-in starter motors & alternators in the most diverse vehicles prove that you are on the right track with MAHLE. Our focus is your advantage: Durable products that you can also repair and not just replace, paired with ease of installation and a perfect fit. The best and guaranteed OE quality is a given - only genuine with the counterfeit-proof VeoMark® label.

Reason 5|7 - Turbochargers

Leading the charge: Turbochargers from MAHLE

A technology which increases performance and reduces fuel consumption and emissions is the perfect win-win scenario. If there is a perfect example, it is an exhaust gas turbocharger. All the more reason for us to drive this technology forward. As always, in trusted original equipment quality ensuring greater balance accuracy, optimized speed stability and strength due to electron-beam-welded rotor shafts and impellers. We cover around 70 percent of all fast-moving applications in the commercial vehicle sector and around 95 percent of MAHLE passenger car turbochargers. Chances are: MAHLE is your go-to-choice when it comes to turbocharger repairs.

Reason 6|7 - E-Mobility & Electronics

Electrifying: The future of mobility

Electronics have become a vital part in controlling and powering any vehicle and the future of mobility itself. There is no better reason for us to continuously expand our product range and services for electronics, sensors, controls, electrically powered components for manufacturers and of course: for your workshop. The applications are numerous and range from automotive to forklifts to cleaning vehicles. It’s an easy choice to take advantage of an even bigger product range from a single source – for all mobility solutions.

Reason 7|7 - Workshop Equipment And Diagnostics

Efficiency in the workshop: Get smart

Time is money, yet a rushed job will cost you dearly. Efficient servicing is, and has always been, essential for running a successful repair shop. The increased use of electronics and digitization is posing a new challenge even for the best of us – since the only constant seems to be change. Therefore, MAHLE provides workshop equipment & diagnostics precisely tailored for use in workshops. Our TechPRO® reads out data and errors, displays solutions, allows component diagnostics, and offers component coding. MAHLE FluidPRO® - our automatic transmission flushing unit - stands out thanks to its ease of use and automated flushing process. Our new generation of ArcticPRO® A/C service units are cutting-edge when it comes to connectivity and ease of maintenance for an efficient and economical service. What’s more is that we offer different models for every requirement. It has never been easier to handle the most common tasks in the workshop – with MAHLE Service Solutions.

From Parts to Solutions

We do take pride in our strong market coverage, but we are committed to more than simply maintaining and expanding our product range. Carefully chosen to complement each other, our product groups, parts and components evolve into complete solutions to fit your repair shop needs. Today, tomorrow and beyond.

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