The MAHLE Rottweil plant: Top quality from Baden-Württemberg

For 75 years now, pistons for all sorts of applications have been produced in the oldest town in Baden-Württemberg — and their quality is second to none!

Presenting the MAHLE Rottweil plant

MAHLE has been producing pistons for passenger cars and commercial vehicles in Rottweil/Germany, since 1943. Large-bore pistons for special-purpose machinery and equipment are also manufactured here.

Whether aluminum pistons, forged pistons, or steel pistons, all products are manufactured with the utmost precision and quality.

Pistons for the aftermarket are also produced in Rottweil, so aftersales products meet the same standard as those in series production.

Everything you need to know about our plant in Rottweil:

Facts & figures
Founded: 1943
Employees: 910
Products: Steel pistons and aluminum pistons for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorsport and special vehicles
Plant areas: Foundry, forge, aluminum processing, steel processing, surface treatment, final inspection, prototypes, training workshop

In detail

Jean Pierre from JP Performance wanted to find out more about piston production, so we explained it to him.
His videos take you through the relevant production steps in detail. So lean back, learn and be astonished:



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