Full throttle for 100 years!

MAHLE turns 100!

From a small test workshop to one of the top 20 automotive suppliers. We’re proud of 100 years of MAHLE, and we want to thank you, our customers!

How it all began ...

The little workshop where it all began.

In 1920, Hellmuth Hirth began building engines in a small test workshop. On December 1, 1920, Hirth brought Hermann Mahle, a businessman, into his workshop. His role would be to bring some order and structure to the start-up. December 1, 1920, is therefore acknowledged as the starting point of our company. In 1922, the second important event took place: engineer Ernst Mahle joined the company, and the foundation was laid for the technologically leading, globally active company, MAHLE.

A lot has happened since then. “MAHLE the piston manufacturer” has become a global group—with much more than “just” pistons in its range. MAHLE is one of the world’s largest systems providers for the powertrain, thermal management, and air conditioning.

However, what hasn’t changed at MAHLE and what will remain our aim for the next 100 years, is the high QUALITY of our products!

  • The two founders: Hermann (l.) and Ernst Mahle (r.)
  • The historical MAHLE logo

The future remains exciting

We’re currently in a period of transformation. As we’re finding out, it’s an exciting time! It offers so many possibilities. That’s why MAHLE is pursuing a dual strategy. This means that on the one hand we’re optimizing the combustion engine, while on the other we’re developing alternative drive solutions, such as the fuel cell or solutions in the area of e-mobility.

Whatever the future may bring, one thing is certain:
With MAHLE, you can drive into the next 100 years with confidence!

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Thank you!

100 years of MAHLE—inconceivable without the close partnership we have with you, our more than 35,000 dealerships and workshops! We thank you for your trust, loyalty, and friendship—whether you’ve been working with MAHLE for a year or over half a century. We look forward to the next 100 years—with you!

  • 25,000 sales partners
  • 10,000 customers
  • 1,000 thanks


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