MAHLE is all charged up

From e-scooters to an efficient concept vehicle of the future—MAHLE is firmly committed to e-mobility. Thanks to our electric drives and thermal management technology, we have become a pioneer in CO2-neutral individual transportation! Now, with the concept vehicle MAHLE Efficient Electric Transport, or MEET for short, we are once again really putting the pedal to the metal.

From A to B—with E!

Electric motors are efficient, giving off substantially less heat than conventional combustion engines. So far, so good—especially for the environment. But, in “normal” cars, this waste heat is also used to heat the passenger cabin—and who likes to sit in the cold when they’re driving? If this comfortable temperature were exclusively produced by the battery, however, it would clearly have a negative impact on the vehicle’s cruising range. Furthermore, the temperature-sensitive lithium-ion batteries need to be effectively protected against overheating—during the fast-charging process, for example—as well as against excessively cold temperatures. Intelligent thermal management is therefore absolutely key to an electric vehicle’s performance, cruising range, and service life.

In the MEET concept vehicle, we have further refined the use of waste heat from the battery when driving. And we complemented this thermal management system with a thermoelectric heat pump, air conditioning, and surface heating with individual comfort zones. In future, fans of e-mobility will thus be able to enjoy the ride in perfect comfort.


What more could you wish for?

MAHLE IPM traction drive

One thing is clear: our MEET concept vehicle is a good thing all around. But what is it actually like to drive? In terms of power output, it is designed especially for city driving. The heart of MEET is the MAHLE 40 kW IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) traction drive. The traction system consists of two 48-volt drive motors each with 20 kW of maximum power output in a highly efficient and compact unit. This systems output makes speeds of up to 100 km/h possible.

MEET facts

  • Two 48-volt drive motors each with a maximum power output of 20 kW and a torque of 40 Nm
  • Maximum speed: 12,000 rpm
  • Integrated power electronics
  • Resistant to high currents
  • Acceleration: 30 km/h in 3 seconds; 50 km/h in 5 seconds; 80 km/h in 10.2 seconds
  • Electric cruising range of around 170 km in urban traffic

The fragrance of freedom

When it comes to comfort, however, MEET has even more to offer than a cleverly designed heating system. It allows you to create personal profiles using your smartphone to conjure up precisely the settings that you want. Temperature is just one of the many comfort factors. In conjunction with iqento—a start-up supported by the MAHLE Group—we have, for example, developed a fragrance system that adjusts to suit each individual driver!


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