Doing good with MAHLE

When you work with MAHLE parts, you’re also contributing toward a better world. That’s because, as a MAHLE customer, you’re automatically supporting the MAHLE FOUNDATION, which finances and assists worthwhile projects. Thank you very much!

Conscious of our responsibilities

Our founders, Hermann and Dr. Ernst Mahle, were always aware that commercial success and social responsibility are inextricably linked. In 1964, this led to the Mahle brothers investing their personal assets and shares in the MAHLE legal entities in a foundation. Since then, the distribution of profits from the company to the MAHLE FOUNDATION has ensured its long-term impact.

In line with the objectives stated in its Articles of Association, the MAHLE FOUNDATION is particularly involved in the following four fields:

  • Education and upbringing
  • Health and nursing care
  • Art and culture
  • Agriculture and food

Appreciation of and a sense of responsibility toward people, the environment, and nature—these guiding principles of anthroposophic thought and behavior are the basis of the work of the MAHLE FOUNDATION.

Helping others to help themselves


“We support people, not projects,” explains Jürgen Schweiß-Ertl, managing partner of the MAHLE FOUNDATION. In practice, the MAHLE FOUNDATION supports forward-looking initiatives with the aim of opening up opportunities that enable people to lead a better life. In its “education and upbringing” support area, for example, the Foundation focuses on sustainability. The goal is to help others to help themselves. That’s because the MAHLE FOUNDATION sees itself less as a source of funding and more as a source of inspiration.

“We want to train people to take their circumstances into their own hands and to be able to make improvements in the long term,” says Alexander Lerch, MAHLE FOUNDATION project manager. “Ultimately, people are the driving force behind changes and innovations, with individual projects their practical expression.” When asked what motivates him day after day, he explains: “The special thing about the work of a foundation is that we’re always focused on ‘building’ something with the aim of changing society in a positive way.” We must never give up hope that something more (something good) can develop in everything and in everyone—on a small or large scale.

Many projects, one goal


Filderklinik Stuttgart

The foundation thus mainly provides start-up finance, but it also supports certain projects over a longer period. One of these core projects has been—and remains—the construction and ongoing sponsorship of the Filderklinik near Stuttgart/Germany. The Filderklinik is one of three large public-service hospitals in Germany that take an anthroposophic approach. It will celebrate its 45th anniversary in 2020. For more information (in German), visit >>

Worldwide funding projects

Sustainable seed breeding is another area that the MAHLE FOUNDATION has supported since it was first established. This activity plays a major role in safeguarding the foundations of our existence. The Demeter logo plays a pioneering role among organic labels and the certification of foods from eco-friendly production. For more than 85 years, it has marked out foodstuffs produced according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture.

Because the MAHLE Group operates around the world, the MAHLE FOUNDATION is involved at international locations, such as Poland, Japan, South Africa, and Brazil. For example, it provides funding to the Department of Pediatrics at the Charité hospital in Berlin in cooperation with São Paulo’s University Hospital, and to emergency response organizations operating in disaster zones.

Founded in São Paulo in 2007, INSTITUTO MAHLE manages all of the foundation’s funding projects in Brazil. In particular, its work focuses on health and the support of children and young people in the Monte Azul favela.

Other current funding projects include Romania’s first anthroposophic clinic, the “Masloc Oasis” (an initiative through which the Verein Oase Masloc e.V. association helps to advance health care, nutrition standards, and living conditions in the locality as well as intercultural understanding), and the financing of a Waldorf school in Windhoek/Namibia. In order to reduce the high level of unemployment among school leavers and facilitate a smooth transition into employment or further education, the Waldorf school in Windhoek has been offering its pupils vocational training alongside their general education since 2013. As a result, pupils who successfully complete their schooling obtain a double qualification.

Fifty-five years of the MAHLE FOUNDATION

Having been established in 1964, the MAHLE FOUNDATION celebrates its 55th anniversary this year (in 2019). MPULSE sends its congratulations and encouragement to keep up the good work!

The MAHLE FOUNDATION funds an incredible 160 projects and initiatives every year.

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