EmissionPRO® PMU 400 from MAHLE is an innovative and future-compliant measuring tool, because, with a simple upgrade, the particle counter gets you ready for the upcoming changes to the statutory emission standards. The PMU 400 unit is also available under the BRAIN BEE brand and can be attached as an upgrade module to the MAHLE EmissionPRO® 180 or BRAIN BEE OMNIBUS emissions testing stations, or used independently.

Be prepared

In 2017, many vehicle workshops with emissions testing approval had to update the software on their emissions measuring stations or replace them entirely. With the third stage of Guideline 5.01, the German legislator will soon set the bar even higher by making measuring the particle count at the tail pipe a mandatory part of the emissions test for all Euro 6 diesel vehicles with and without an OBD system. And the experts agree that particle measurement for all Euro 6 gasoline engines is set to follow. So, any workshop wanting to continue offering the full emissions testing service in the future will need to invest in new measurement technology.


But no matter when the third stage of the guideline finally enters into force, the future exhaust gas limits won’t be a problem for MAHLE’s EmissionPRO® PMU 400. Because, after a simple upgrade, the particle counter can measure particles from gasoline engines with a size of only around 10 nanometers.

Cleverly designed

The EmissionPRO® PMU 400 unit is supplied with a heated tube. This is because exhaust gas contains not only the soot particles to be measured but also gases that can condense during cooling, which can lead to incorrect measurements in some cases. That’s why the EmissionPRO® PMU 400 has an integrated heating section, and why the tube between the probe and measuring tool is also heated. But despite the complexity of the measuring tool, it has been designed to be easy for you to use.


If you already have one of our emissions testing stations (MAHLE EmissionPRO® 180 or OMNIBUS from BRAIN BEE), you can simply attach the new PMU 400 next to the opacimeter and four-gas analyzer. Thanks to its own integrated display and keyboard, the particle counter can also be operated as a stand-alone solution. The tool can be connected to a PC or laptop via Bluetooth or its USB interface, allowing you to print out the test log and attach it to the emission test report. So, the choice is yours, and you can use the new emissions testing device in whatever way best suits your needs.

All the benefits at a glance:

  • Innovative
  • Ready for future challenges (10 nm particles in gasoline engines)
  • Expandable for Wi-Fi connection
  • Industry-leading technology
  • Stand-alone and PC-based operation possible
  • Easily integrated into existing emissions testing equipment
  • Simple to operate


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