MAHLE Greatest Hits

MAHLE has been shaping mobility for 100 years. In the MAHLE Greatest Hits series, MAHLE’s most acclaimed innovations of the past and present tell their own tales of how they promoted mobility.

Then we will also take a glimpse into the future, how upcoming MAHLE innovations will contribute in our quest to shape the future of mobility.


The ring carrier piston

“I was the key to MAHLE’s success”

“MAHLE’s 100-year success story originates with me! Painstaking research and innovative strength have been permanent fixtures at MAHLE ever since Hermann Mahle began to develop engines in 1920. Pistons were the company’s core business—and I, the patented ring carrier piston, was MAHLE’s first best seller!

My inventor, Ernst Mahle, was a great pioneer. He made sure that I improved the seal in diesel engines and thus reduced the wear and tear they were exposed to. That was the crucial breakthrough that significantly extended the life of an engine. It wasn’t long before I could be found on every road in the world!

Because MAHLE has always driven the mobility of the future, I too have kept on developing. I’ve never been more resilient than I am today. You can find me in vintage cars—and you’ll now also see me coming out of the 3D printers at MAHLE! Its knowledge about me also helps MAHLE to develop new products, such as solutions for alternative drives.”

Wind tunnel

“I was a world first”

“When my creator, Manfred Behr, invented me in 1937, people probably didn’t find me outwardly attractive—but when they looked inside, I took their breath away! On the outside, I had the appearance of a modest corrugated iron shed, but inside something completely new was happening: I was a world first—the first wind tunnel anywhere in the automotive industry.

A huge fan with a 2-meter diameter simulated speeds of up to 100 km/h. My success was so groundbreaking that I even optimized the most famous race car of my time.

I’m still around today—and I’ve learned so much since I started out. As MAHLE’s climatic wind tunnel, I’ve been creating temperatures ranging from –30°C to +50°C since the majority acquisition of BEHR (in 2013). I can also simulate the position of the sun at all times of the day and generate speeds of up to 130 km/h, all of which helps MAHLE to develop the mobility of the future.”

TechPRO® Digital ADAS

“Thanks to me, workshops can breathe a sigh of relief”

“I’m always on hand during the replacement of a windshield or other parts of a car on which important driving aids are mounted. These days, more and more cars are fitted with radar and cameras. This means that workshops are faced with a big challenge when it comes to resetting driver assistance systems after an accident, for example.

Before MAHLE invented me in 2018, technicians had to position a large, cumbersome panel in front of each car—and there was a different one for every vehicle model. These panels act like opticians, helping to orientate assistance systems so that they can tell up from down and back from front. As a result, calibration used to be a complex process.

When I, TechPRO® Digital ADAS, came on the scene, workshops around the world could finally breathe a sigh of relief! I combined the panels in one digital flat-screen display, which works for almost all manufacturers and models. Thanks to me, workshop technicians can calibrate driver assistance systems in just ten minutes. The number of cars with driver assistance systems will keep on increasing. This means that I’m in high demand—with customers asking for me every day.”


“I showcase MAHLE’s innovative strength”

“In the future, a large proportion of the world’s population will live in cities. That means that city cars will be an important element of future mobility. MAHLE has seized this opportunity to develop a mobility concept that is both urban and climate-friendly—me!

My name is MAHLE Efficient Electric Transport, my friends call me MEET. I’m a light, agile vehicle concept with space for two people, and my design integrates MAHLE powertrain and thermal management technologies for e mobility!

From my 48-volt drive unit to my power electronics, efficient heat pump, and surface heaters through to my user interface, I showcase MAHLE’s comprehensive portfolio and innovative strength. I embody MAHLE’s commitment to play an active role in shaping future mobility.”

To be continued...


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