Emission PRO® 180

- the exhaust gas expert in your workshop

Measurably reliable: the new Emission Test Guideline 5.01 has fundamentally altered the way in which exhaust gas is measured in Germany. Because since the beginning of 2018, car exhaust gas must once again be measured at the tailpipe in Germany—regardless of the year of manufacture! Before this date, tailpipe emission testing applied only to vehicles built prior to 2006. For modern cars, the testers just took the results from the vehicle diagnostics. If they were unremarkable, the emission test was considered to be successful. With the new regulations, problems with exhaust gas treatment should be easier to detect—whether they are due to a defect or to deliberate manipulation.

MAHLE’s complete package for exhaust gas measurements at a glance

Green light for the future: MAHLE Service Solutions has taken the initiative and launched a complete user-friendly package on the market in good time with its EmissionPRO® 180. This new device provides reliable exhaust gas measurements for diesel and gasoline engines—and not just to meet current regulations.

EmissionPRO® 180

The new Emission PRO® 180 includes the following:

  • A unit for measuring the exhaust gas emissions of diesel and gasoline engines
  • An engine speed sensor unit
  • A powerful vehicle communication interface for reading the error memory
  • A convenient rolling cart with printer, keyboard, mouse, and 24-inch monitor

Extremely flexible:

Not only does the familiar Windows interface in conjunction with a computer that has no limitations on use make operation easier. You can also add software for multi-brand diagnostics to the new exhaust gas measurement device. Development is nearly complete, and the program package will be available from the fourth quarter of 2018.

Accurate and reliable:

The RPM measurement module in the EmissionPRO® 180 transmits the captured values to the receiver via Bluetooth. The RPMs are measured using the charging signal of the battery or via the new magnetic vibration sensor.The engine temperature is measured with the standard temperature sensor. Thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery, no wired connection to the car battery is needed.

User friendly:

The software provides clear, comprehensive information on signal quality, current measurement values, and the quality of signal transmission to the receiver.

Future oriented:

The EmissionPRO® 180 already meets the requirements of Stage 2 of Guideline 5.01, which will come into force from January 2019. In Stage 2, the exhaust gas limits for opacity and CO2 measurements will be adjusted for all passenger cars in the Euro 6 emission class. And—as a matter of course for MAHLE Service Solutions—all devices are delivered to your workshop ready for use.

  • Included technological equipment
  • The OBD reading device
  • Easy to handle with simple user interface

Smart solutions

“The new EmissionPRO® 180 is an excellent result of our cooperative development and production efforts with Brain Bee,” says Olaf Henning, Managing Director of MAHLE Aftermarket. Since it was founded in 2001, Brain Bee AG has specialized in the development and production of diagnostic equipment and software, air conditioning service equipment, and exhaust gas measuring equipment. In September 2017, MAHLE Aftermarket acquired 20 percent of the company, adding another important component of professional repair shop solutions to its portfolio.


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