MAHLE accelerates its service

The car of today is a computer on wheels: it generates a vast amount of data with each kilometer driven. This information can be ideally used to speed up the service. If you have the right diagnostic system! In the USA, our customer-tailored and easy-to-use solutions have been popular for years; now they are also available to mechanics in Europe!

On the “American way” to success

Four years on the market and more than a quarter of a century’s experience: when our new MAHLE Service Solutions division was founded in 2013, it absorbed RTI’s service business. Major North American automobile manufacturers rely on this know-how and check their new vehicles using our systems.

Kia is just one of the manufacturers who trust in our software competence. The company uses MAHLE’s A/C service diagnostic tool ArcticPRO® to test its maintenance processes for new vehicle models.

Since modern refrigerants are extremely expensive, exact dosing and complete recuperation are crucial. MAHLE was the only company able to offer the right solution!


Our diagnosis for Europe

Word about the success of the MAHLE diagnostic systems in North America is also spreading in Europe. Diagnostic tools from MAHLE are increasing the speed and customer friendliness of workshop services, which in turn is saving the workshops costs.

Customers particularly appreciate that our solutions can be quickly tailored to specific requirements. It is our declared goal to make the service even more efficient in this respect through self-explanatory and easy-to-operate systems.

The MAHLE A/C service unit & diagnostic system

Advantages for the workshop include:

  • safe, fast, and high-quality processes
  • easy handling
  • minimized maintenance costs and service times
  • time-consuming additional work avoided thanks to complete equipment

Procurement costs are lower and service processes more flexible and efficient.


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