You can rest assured: MAHLE is fighting against counterfeit products

If we are proud of one thing at MAHLE, it is our quality! This is why we are not happy if potentially inferior items are presented under our logo at trade fairs. After all, our customers must be able to rely one hundred percent on our products. For this reason, we commenced a major operation—together with customs and police—against MAHLE counterfeiting at Automechanika 2016, and achieved a great deal!

Any counterfeiters will be exposed!

Our customers—quite rightly—choose MAHLE for specific reasons: our products are subject to strict quality standards and are thoroughly tested! The success we have achieved with this strategy is reflected in the number of other manufacturers who consistently want to capitalize on the quality MAHLE stands for and counterfeit our logo.

1 HDI star 2 MAHLE logo in shimmering rainbow colours 3 Lens code 4 Serial number

To put a stop to this abuse, we carried out a joint operation with customs and police against product piracy at Automechanika 2016. Counterfeit MAHLE parts were found at 14 stands, and penalties totaling more than EUR 20,000 were imposed! We are delighted with this huge success and will continue to do all we can to ensure that whenever MAHLE is on the packaging, you will find MAHLE quality inside!


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