So that kids don’t have to sweat when they’re in their seats:

the first air-conditioned child`s car seat from Com4Kids

If you’ve ever been on a long drive with children, you’ll know the situation: The sun shines strongly on the car and, even though you have air conditioning, the little ones quickly become sweaty in their car seats. As the temperature rises, the mood rapidly deteriorates—for the kids and therefore for all the other passengers! This is something that Dr. Mario Wallisch from MAHLE had already experienced many times, and he wanted to come up with a solution. Working together with the MAHLE corporate start-up team Com4Kids, he developed the idea of an air-conditioned child`s car seat.

MAHLE for Kids

Of course, it’s always possible to cool a seat in some way or another. Matthias Ganz, another member of the Com4Kids team, knows that many parents have already tried to deal with the problem: “There are concepts where you put ice packs in the seat and place the child on top of them. [...] But that’s bad from a safety perspective alone, because it involves modifying the seat.” Of course, as an expert in thermal management, MAHLE didn’t want to approach the problem “in some way or another,” but properly!

From child seat to comfort zone

Com4Kids team: Franziska Erhardt, Matthias Ganz, Dr. Mario Wallisch, Seyit Suemengen (from left to right); Michael Conze, David Wolf (not pictured)

The experts from Com4Kids developed a compact module that connects to the child’s seat. The rigid plastic seat thus becomes a place where air is circulated—and where children feel comfortable. Ventilation provides cooling in the summer, and the seat is heated in the winter. This approach creates thermal comfort for kids—from the moment they get into the vehicle to the moment they leave it, in any season.

“Our product brings the comfort of the adult world into the world of children.”
Dr. Mario Wallisch, Com4Kids team

Another important advantage is the resulting improvement in safety. In conventional car seats, children are often strapped in wearing thick winter jackets and therefore the belt doesn’t work as well as it should. If the seat is warmed up in advance, jackets are no longer needed, and the belt mechanism is fully effective again!

“Safety is our top priority!” Franziska Erhardt, Com4Kids team

Why does MAHLE succeed where others fail?

“In our team, we’re able to reach out to colleagues with 20 to 30 years of professional experience, for whom making a new product reliable and marketable is a piece of cake,” says Dr. Mario Wallisch, highlighting the company’s advantage. And: “The MAHLE name has meant people are willing to put their trust in us. Manufacturers of children’s car seats know they’re not talking to amateurs with a crazy idea.”

The experts from MAHLE also held in-depth discussions with customers throughout the development of the air-conditioned child`s seat. Perhaps it is precisely this unusual cooperation that explains why the smart seat has not existed before. “The manufacturers have their areas of competence in design and ergonomics, but as soon as the focus moves to thermal comfort, they’re out.” And it’s over to MAHLE—with its technical expertise and proven MAHLE quality.

From idea to market

Com4Kids has already registered several patents for the air-conditioned child`s seat and is currently working closely with one of the market leaders among child seat manufacturers. The air-conditioned child`s seat is expected to be available for purchase in time for summer 2020.


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