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Water in diesel is a constant threat to the affected vehicle components. It causes metal parts to rust and reduces the lubricity of the fuel, which can clog the fuel pump. With the new CleanLine spin-on oil filter, MAHLE offers optimal protection for commercial vehicles with diesel engines—ensuring the long service life of components.

When diesel sweats

Water and contamination need to be removed reliably from the diesel fuel. That’s why we’ve developed CleanLine for you and your customers: an innovative, high-performance, and easy-to-change filter system for water and particle separation that achieves peak performance throughout its service life.

CleanLine is available with single- or two-stage separation. The highlight is the two-stage variant for regions with inferior diesel quality. In this variant, dirt (stage 1) and water (stage 2) are removed separately, resulting in highly efficient cleaning.

Single-stage and two-stage filtration compared:


How it works:

The single-stage variant filters particles and water in one step. The more powerful, two-stage variant filters in two separate steps: first the particles, and then the water, via a water-repellent, synthetic fabric. The synthetic fabric used in the two-stage variant resembles a very dense mesh and serves as a kind of firewall for water, with only the fuel getting through.

CleanLine at a glance

  • CleanLine is available with single- or two-stage separation.
  • With CleanLine, you can change the filter in an instant: the existing bowl (water storage tank) is easily unscrewed when changing the filter.
  • CleanLine is made entirely from plastic, which makes it lighter than comparable filters on the market, and it can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • CleanLine is compatible with the current filter heads made by vehicle manufacturers.
  • Like all filters, CleanLine must be replaced regularly. The replacement interval depends on fuel quality and kilometers driven.
  • The worldwide market release of MAHLE CleanLine is scheduled for Q2/2020—including in your country.
  • Your direct contact: Felix Maier

CleanLine in first place

In South America, MAHLE CleanLine was successfully tested in the trucks and buses of more than 200 companies. The employees were impressed by the easy, clean filter replacement process and by the variety of applications for which the filters can be used.

CleanLine separates more water from diesel fuel

Compared with its competitors, CleanLine has the highest water separation efficiency throughout the service life of the filter. When new, the figure is in excess of 93%. And even after 30,000 kilometers, it still separates as much as 70% of the water. Competitor products only achieve less than 20% separation after the same number of kilometers. The dust retention capacity of CleanLine is also significantly higher than that of conventional filters.


The advantages for you

  • one filter type can be used in many different vehicle types (multiapplication/multireference concept) (5 MAHLE p/ns replace 13 competitor p/ns) = reduction in filter references with greater coverage of vehicle types
  • easy, clean filter replacement
  • low maintenance costs for injection nozzles and fuel pumps
  • greater water separation efficiency over the filter’s entire lifetime
  • higher dust holding capacity than conventional filters

Comparison of diesel quality around the world:

Red: critical quality—two-stage CleanLine; yellow: medium quality and green: acceptable quality—two-stage or single-stage CleanLine


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