MAHLE has a keen nose for clean air!

Do you feel that the smells of the big wide world are better left outside when you’re on the road in your car? So do we. That’s why we have developed the world’s first cabin air filter that even filters odors: CareMetix®! Thanks to five-fold protection from pollen, soot and fine particulates, mold, bacteria, AND odors, with CareMetix®, you’re clearly one nose ahead!

1NO odors 2NO pollen 3 NO fine particulates 4 NO mold 5 NO bacteria

Five layers for five-fold protection

What makes the new CareMetix® cabin air filter different? It’s quite simple! With more layers, it ensures less pollution enters the vehicle.

  • High-performance particulate filter layer
  • Molecular layer
  • Bio-functional layer with activated carbon
  • Engineered activated carbon layer
  • Protective layer

Using S5 broadband technology, CareMetix® filters out harmful particles and unpleasant odors from each of the 100,000 liters of air that are fed into the cabin every hour!

We therefore recommend that you always regularly replace the cabin air filter after 15,000 kilometers and, ideally, that you follow your nose—straight to CareMetix®!

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