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MAHLE—the clean program for healthy vehicle cabins

In our latest article about replacing cabin air filters, we explained that a clogged filter can cause unpleasant odors in the vehicle. And also where they come from, namely, the evaporator. This animation very strikingly shows what’s going on behind the dashboard and why it happens. Up to now, did you think that your car’s horsepower was more important than anything else? We bet your priorities will change after seeing this video!


Declare war on germs!

An old, severely contaminated filter, which reduces air permeability, can cause an increased level of germs in your air conditioning system. And, under some circumstances, this can quickly lead to the buildup of mold fungi. On the moist surface of the evaporator, they combine with various other microorganisms to form living deposits—resulting in unpleasant odors.

To keep your car from becoming a germ launcher, here's a tip: change the cabin air filter regularly. MAHLE offers the right filter for nearly any model of vehicle. See the online catalog here.

Have you smelled enough yet?

For those who still want more: unlike other cabin air filters, the new CareMetix® not only absorbs mold, bacteria, fine particulates, and pollen—it noticeably reduces odors as well. Your nose knows!

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It's no rumor: CareMetix® helps fight odors!

You don't believe that CareMetix® filters out odors? Our colleagues in the filtration development department tested the function and effectiveness of CareMetix® under real-life conditions. Whether it's a water treatment plant, fields fertilized with manure, or a traffic jam in a tunnel, these tests prove definitively that CareMetix® works!

For comparison, two conventional activated carbon filters from competitors’ series production were tested along with CareMetix®. The onset of odor was immediately perceptible with both of them. CareMetix®, however, remained below the perceptible odor threshold for longer than average (see graph). When driving past freshly fertilized fields, these tests prove that CareMetix® keeps odors out of the vehicle cabin for more than seven hours.

Our development colleagues’ conclusion is clear: in comparison with conventional activated carbon filters in series production, CareMetix® provides significantly better protection against environmental odors. So, stop holding your breath on country roads. With CareMetix®, you can breathe easy.


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