Clean flushing for perfect gear shifts

Manual transmissions are on the way out, as the trend shifts toward automatics. This makes the automatic transmission service an important and lucrative service component for you. And with the new MAHLE FluidPRO® ATX 190, you have a truly professional tool that has been specifically designed and approved for Mercedes-Benz automatic transmissions. MAHLE gives you everything you need for automatic transmission oil changes: flushing units for a fully automated and efficient service, a wide range of transmission oil filters in original equipment quality, comprehensive training for service pros, and expertise from the experts.

Vehicle manufacturer approval is probably the ultimate accolade for workshop equipment, confirming that all of the manufacturer’s requirements have been met. And that means a great deal when it comes to flushing Mercedes-Benz automatic transmissions. The MAHLE FluidPRO® ATX 190 works exactly according to the manufacturer’s specified flushing process, with the key components being a complete oil change, step-by-step instructions, flushing with oil only (no additives), oil type purity, and permanent filter monitoring.

New service requirements increase business


More and more vehicle and transmission manufacturers are moving away from lifetime transmission oil. The reason is relatively simple: modern automatic transmissions are far more complex than their predecessors and are worked harder. After all, many automatics now have up to nine gear ratios, which means a greater mechanical and thermal load on the transmission and oil. Increased wear and faster oil aging result in abrasion particles and dirt that affect the mechanical systems. This can lead to minor shifting delays that may even culminate in the failure of entire gears. Timely transmission oil changes and filter replacements by a professional are therefore important, and the need for maintenance increases.

Mercedes recommends a transmission oil change interval of 60,000 kilometers for the 722.6 5-gear and the 722.9 7G-Tronic automatic transmissions, for example. You also need the right tools and high-quality transmission oil filters to conduct a professional automatic transmission oil service with a complete oil change. After all, simply draining and refilling the oil doesn’t cut it nowadays. During a static oil change, only 30 to 50 percent of the oil is changed, while the rest—including abrasion particles and dirt—remains in the transmission. Accordingly, the FluidPRO®ATX 190 for Mercedes-Benz vehicles is the perfect piece of equipment for you, as it changes all of the oil in the transmission. And it is also important to always replace the transmission oil filter during an oil change, as the filter removes abrasion particles from the transmission and provides effective protection against damage. MAHLE is continuously expanding its range and already offers suitable solutions for many car brands and vehicle types. Clearly, the automatic transmission service will bring a lot of customers to your workshop. And MAHLE will ensure that they stay happy for the long term.

Guided process

The ATX 190 has been designed exclusively for Mercedes-Benz automatic transmissions and is compatible with the manufacturer’s original adapters. Sight glasses for checking the fluid exchange and two separate digital scales for used and fresh oil as well as filling level indicator windows are integrated into the unit.

In contrast to engine oil, it is not simply a matter of draining the used transmission oil and then refilling with fresh oil. This is a dynamic process in which the two hydraulic oil pumps extract the used oil into a tank and then direct fresh lubricant to the transmission. Mercedes-Benz also relies on MAHLE filters for flushing, cleaning, and supplying new oil.

The entire process is fully automated: the check on the hose connectors and direction of flow before every service, temperature control of the transmission oil, start of the flushing process, and adjustment of the flushing speed to the respective transmission properties. You can view all process steps directly on the device display or via the app on your smartphone. An integrated printer then automatically provides you with a service record for your customer. The perfect service.

Automatic transmissions mean sales for your workshop

Poor shifting, delayed gear shifts, juddering, noises, power loss, and additional consumption are typical symptoms of dirt in an automatic transmission and aged transmission oil. There’s only one solution for this: flushing. The FluidPRO® ATX 190 gives you a unique selling point compared with your competitors and expands your range of services for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. And you can earn good money with this service. It’s important to tell your customers that the ATX 190 cannot remedy damage already caused to automatic transmissions. But it can help to prevent it.

Technical Data
Control: Software controlled with a 4.1-inch color display and keypad
Flushing filter: MAHLE filter for flushing/cleaning and supplying new oil
Sight glasses: Visual inspection of the oil quality
Filter check: Permanent filter monitoring and indication of upcoming changes
Zero Cross: Self-cleaning after oil type change
Hoses: 2 x 3 m (service hoses), 1 x 1.5 m (for draining the used oil)
Quick-release couplings: Direct connection to the original Mercedes-Benz flushing adapter
Software update: USB Type A (with USB 2.0 key)
Drain pan (top grid): Collected residual oil quantities are weighed
Oil pump: 2 x hydraulic oil pumps, both 10 L/min; PWM (pulse-width modulated)
Tool rest: Sturdy metal box for adapters, tools, etc.
Menu languages: DE, EN, IT, FR, ES, PL, PT, RU, SR, BG, CS, EL, FI, HU, NL
Power supply: 110/230 V, 50–60 Hz
Service: USB type B (direct PC connection)
Smartphone app: FluidPRO® ATX remote viewer
Dimensions/weight (H X W X D): 121 x 74 x 74 cm, 75 kg


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