A/C service for commercial vehicles and buses

- the new BRAIN BEE 9000 BUS PLUS

With the BRAIN BEE 9000 BUS PLUS, MAHLE also offers a unit designed specifically for systems with very high fill levels, such as those in buses or similar large commercial vehicles.

A major benefit for large commercial vehicles

Air conditioning systems are a given in commercial vehicles nowadays—and not just on hot days. Well-rested drivers are safer, more attentive, and healthier—clearly benefiting them and their employers. Your company carries out a regular A/C service to ensure that the systems are always in perfect working order. This service includes tasks like checking all lines and connections, disinfecting the system, and replacing the refrigerant.

MAHLE offers your workshop efficient, top-quality equipment for this purpose: the A/C service units from the ArcticPRO® line and the BRAIN BEE 9000 BUS PLUS. A special test program in the air conditioner lets you quickly detect possible leaks in the air conditioning system using nitrogen or forming gas.

  • A/C service, including for systems with large fill levels
  • Cost-effective, simple, fast, and reliable thanks to intuitive operation and efficient MAHLE E3 technology

“To minimize costly downtimes, an A/C service for commercial vehicles needs to be fast,” agrees Olaf Henning, Corporate Executive Vice President and General Manager MAHLE Aftermarket. “Our units show how this can be done without sacrificing quality.”

Cost-effective, fast, and reliable

MAHLE’s ArcticPRO® units are probably familiar to most mechanics and workshop technicians. They enable a fast and efficient A/C service—even for commercial vehicles. MAHLE’s E3 technology means they are particularly advanced: eco-friendly, economical, and efficient. The units are networked and hence always cover the latest model ranges and operating instructions.

MAHLE’s A/C service units can be serviced remotely and thus constantly kept up-to-date, guaranteeing a time-saving service. In addition, the unit’s ASA interface for connecting to the workshop network enables rapid data exchange between the central computer and service unit. You and your colleagues can always keep an eye on all information, the programmed process flows, and the current status on the touch screen.

Quality standard for professional service


What’s more, all the new MAHLE models designed to use refrigerant R1234yf have received the EGEA Label
of the European Garage Equipment Association.


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