From original equipment to the aftermarket

This is something you’ll only get from MAHLE: a complete range of parts, workshop equipment, diagnostics, and services for engine cooling and air conditioning. With MAHLE, you have a strong partner and expert for everything relating to air conditioning and cooling. That’s because we have comprehensive original equipment expertise, so you’re ideally equipped for the future and can provide your customers with flawless service.

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As a manufacturer and development partner supplying components and entire systems to passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturers worldwide, we know the current trends in automobile technology. This is because thermal management in modern vehicles is becoming increasingly complex and demanding. The individual parts and components are precisely coordinated for efficient thermal management. In this sensitive system, all components are exposed to heat and high pressure, and work together as an experienced team. Technological competence, power output design, fit, and material quality all play an important role. We also make use of this know-how for our range of products and solutions on the aftermarket.

Accumulated expertise

In 2013, MAHLE acquired a majority stake in BEHR, one of the leading original equipment manufacturers for engine cooling and automotive air conditioning. This was followed in 2015 by the thermal management business of Delphi Automotive PLC and the establishment of the new air conditioning compressor product group in the MAHLE Group. These steps have also enabled us to further expand our leading position as an original equipment manufacturer in the thermal management sector. Last year, Behr Hella Service was completely integrated into MAHLE Aftermarket.

For you, this means access to a broad range of thermal management products for passenger cars, vans, and commercial vehicles. The range is rounded off by products for buses, agricultural vehicles, and construction machines. We offer our trade and workshop customers service expertise with a long tradition in this important growth market. And that’s what makes us unique.

More than just parts

When we talk about thermal management, we know what it’s all about: systems knowledge. That’s why MAHLE is always at the cutting edge of technology. We combine this comprehensive know-how with our decades of experience in the service business to offer you a unique complete package consisting of spare parts, workshop equipment, diagnostic systems, and service offerings such as technical training, maintenance information, functional and installation videos, and attractive sales support for air conditioning checks. These are real advantages for workshop owners and mechanics. And best of all: with us, you’ll always be on the ball. Thanks to our dual strategy, we can offer you the right products and comprehensive service for all current and future powertrain technologies.

Quality counts

From A for air conditioning compressor to W for water pump kit: with more than 9,000 high-quality items in around 25 product groups, MAHLE’s range covers all areas of air conditioning and cooling—for passenger cars, vans, commercial vehicles, buses, and agricultural and construction machinery.

It’s your choice: MAHLE has the most extensive premium range for automotive air conditioning and engine cooling in the independent spare parts market. Its PREMIUM LINE comprises around 4,700 products in uncompromising OE quality. These spare parts deliver peak performance even under extreme conditions. They’re designed to last for the vehicle’s entire life cycle. So they’re the ideal solution for demanding customers who expect the best. The PREMIUM LINE products come from the plants of MAHLE, AKG, HANON, and other OE manufacturers.

Excluding PREMIUM LINE, our air conditioning and cooling range comprises around 3,500 part numbers. These are good products in OE-matching quality at an attractive price—product availability and services such as technical service and sales support are identical for all MAHLE products. And there’s more: with around 2,400 product pairings, customers can choose whether to go for PREMIUM LINE or OE-matching quality.

The air conditioning service units in the ArcticPRO® line ensure efficient, eco-friendly, and economical air conditioning service. The units are cutting-edge when it comes to connectivity and ease of maintenance—with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, a large touch screen, a status monitoring app, and Remote Service. MAHLE offers the ideal products for every requirement, from the basic/lightweight model to entry-level, professional, and premium solutions.


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