New packaging—proven quality

When there’s quality inside, you should be able to tell right away from the outside: that’s why MAHLE Aftermarket products will come in newly designed packaging from 2019—simple, clear, compact. Bold colors, concise information, and a clear design will facilitate handling in trade and workshops. We haven’t changed the labels—the high level of security remains the same.

A clear design with clear benefits for your workshop

—that’s what’s changed

Simplicity and clarity were the objectives for our new design—to make your work easier.
This is what’s changed and what’s staying the same.

  • Bold, full-surface colors ensure a strong impact at a distance, helping you identify the boxes in the warehouse even from far away.
  • Nearly all packaging will now come in “MAHLE blue”—including engine cooling and air conditioning products from BEHR (previously orange) and MAHLE engine components (previously red). (KNECHT FILTERS will still be available in orange packaging.)
  • The product description is positioned for easy reading, and additional illustrations help you see at a glance what product is contained.
  • Information on the box has been reduced to the essentials so that it can be understood more quickly and easily.

However, the labels will remain unchanged to guarantee the same high level of security.

Simple. Clear. Compact.

How you benefit from the new packaging:

  • All the relevant details at a glance
  • Easy identification in the warehouse
  • Easy handling

>> Download new brochure for more details! [PDF; 1491 KB]

To make it even more simple:


If it says MAHLE on the outside, it’s got the original on the inside. That’s why, beginning in 2019, our global sales brand will become simply MAHLE.

Watch the clip below.


Strong look for strong brands

MAHLE Aftermarket unites seven strong, international brands that are synonymous with innovation and uncompromising quality. Aside from the umbrella brand MAHLE, these include successful companies such as BEHR, CLEVITE, IZUMI, METAL LEVE, and KNECHT FILTERS. BRAIN BEE, newly integrated into the MAHLE brand family in 2018, is the expert in workshop equipment and diagnostics for the markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America, and parts of Asia.

Throughout the world, the MAHLE brand is thus synonymous with spare parts in original equipment quality along the entire powertrain—from engine components, turbochargers, filters, engine cooling and air conditioning, starter motors and alternators through workshop equipment and diagnostics, e-mobility and electronics, and even spare parts for classic vehicles.

Product piracy doesn’t stand a chance!

Often copied, never matched: originals from MAHLE

Another very important reason for the new packaging with its high security standard is product piracy. If the OEM’s specifications for development, production, and material selection are not complied with, products simply cannot match the performance of the original—which can result in serious failures and damage. Approximately 36,000 deaths and 1.5 million accidents are caused by unapproved and technically inferior vehicle parts—sad but true! What’s more, it’s not possible to claim against warranties or assert any other entitlement to compensation.

How to recognize cheap copies

  • Heavily discounted price
  • Questionable advertising material
  • Inadequate or missing technical information
  • Discrepancies in the packaging (material, design, size, print)
  • Dubious merchant ratings on online platforms
  • Incorrect brand names or logos
  • Incomplete security label on packaging for engine components and thermostats
  • Defects in product material or workmanship
  • Damaged security strip

OUR TIP: Only buy from reputable dealers, and check any supposedly cheap deals very carefully.

What about buying online?

Caution: Besides unofficial marketplaces and free trade zones, the Internet is the largest market for product piracy. Don’t be fooled by professionally designed websites or fake recommendations and ratings.

MAHLE’s zero-tolerance strategy

To protect you against illegal copies and counterfeits, our new packaging also bears the proven security label. We also communicate regularly with other companies in the automotive industry and keep our partners informed about any research findings as well as prosecuting any brand or patent violations we discover.


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