In-house trade fairs: interaction, information, promotions

Ever heard about the Stahlgruber Exhibition, the Coparts Workshop Congress, or the Inter Cars trade fair? These are all in-house trade fairs, which are trade fairs put on by the wholesalers you buy our products from. At these exhibitions, you get a chance to interact with us and get firsthand product information. All over Europe.

MAHLE is more than just pistons

For you on tour: Oliver Boeker, Jürgen Berger und Andreas Eineichner (f.l.t.r.)

MAHLE’s success story started with pistons. But what many don’t know is that MAHLE offers you much more than just pistons! Our product portfolio ranges from all kinds of engine parts such as cylinder liners, bearings, and cylinders to filters, turbochargers, and thermostats to air conditioning compressors, workshop equipment, and electronics.

You can get to know all of these products at our trade fair stands—our sales representatives are practically working around the clock to be close to you.

Convincing argument: the CareMetix® demonstrator

Interactive exhibits, above all, always attract the interest of trade fair visitors. For example, our “running” cutaway engine model or our CareMetix® demonstrator. Here, everyone can see for themselves that the new MAHLE cabin air filter actually works–and noticeably so!

More information about CareMetix® you can find on or on MPULSE:

The junk filter for your car

All organic, right?


One of the highlights in 2018 was the festival weekend by A.-W.HEIL & SOHN GmbH & Co. KG on the occasion of their 85th company anniversary. By showcasing the Twizy, MAHLE presented its e-mobility solutions and demonstrated its dual strategy for the future. Besides the exhibition area, there was also a wide variety of entertainment available. This always makes in-house trade fairs worth a visit. We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our stands!

This year, our mascot “Mr. Bert” has also started to visit the in-house trade fairs. If you are lucky, he’ll give you small gifts and will be happy to shoot a few funny selfies with you.

Many in-house trade fairs have already taken place this year. From this fall, you will still have the opportunity to visit various exhibitions in the “DACH region.”

Here’s the overview:

Month From To Fair Venue
August 8/31/2018 9/2/2018 WM SE / Trost Dortmund/Germany
8/31/2018 9/1/2018 SAG Niderbipp/Switzerland
September 9/1/2018 9/2/2018 PV trade fair Hanover/Germany
9/11/2018 9/15/2018 Automechanika Frankfurt/Germany
9/27/2018 9/30/2018 RHIAG Switzerland
October 10/12/2018 10/14/2018 WM SE / Trost Munich/Germany
10/13/2018 10/142/2018 Fricke / Markt Kassel/Germany
10/20/2018 10/21/2018 Stahlgruber Exhibition Sindelfingen/Germany
10/20/2018 10/20/2018 15 years Heil&Sohn Hamburg/Germany
November 11/10/2018 11/11/2018 Stahlgruber Exhibition Nuremberg/Germany
11/10/2018 11/11/2018 Leistungsschau Lorch Friedrichshafen/Germany
11/17/2018 11/18/2018 Coparts Profi Service Tage Frankfurt/Germany
  • Engine cutting model
  • CareMetix® demonstrator
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