Reinforced impeller for improved performance

—the high-end turbocharger for commercial vehicles

MAHLE Aftermarket now offers a new turbocharger specially designed for commercial vehicles that are exposed to harsh environmental conditions: an aluminum-based milled impeller makes the turbocharger more robust and durable than a turbocharger with a cast aluminum impeller and costs significantly less than the titanium alloy variant.

High load capacity for long service life

Commercial vehicles are used every day in a wide variety of environments and conditions. Dust and very low or high temperatures can place a great deal of stress on the components, including the turbocharger.

The impeller is often a critical turbocharger component. A milled impeller significantly increases the turbocharger’s service life.

We now offer you turbochargers with milled aluminum impellers for various truck applications throughout the world.

The new products from the MAHLE Original brand offer considerable advantages in terms of price and quality:

  • They have a longer service life than cast aluminum impellers.
  • They are more cost-effective than titanium alloy units.
  • At the same time, they are similarly resilient.*

*we have tested the stability of the milled impeller in field tests.
Result: Bei vergleichbaren Umgebungsbedingungen verfügt der Turbolader mit gefrästem Verdichterrad um eine 1,5- bis 2-fach stärkere Standfestigkeit gegenüber der Variante mit einem gegossenen Verdichterrad.

“With our latest turbocharger model, we deliberately opted for an expensive milling process,” explains Olaf Henning, General Manager of MAHLE Aftermarket. “This is because the variant with a milled aluminum impeller offers our customers top performance at a lower cost.”


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