Control and power electronics

Now available from MAHLE Aftermarket

The spread of e-mobility has increased the importance of control and power electronics products. As of July 1, 2018, MAHLE Aftermarket has expanded its product range to include control units and power electronics for electrical auxiliaries and thermal management systems as well as power converters for e mobility solutions. The new product group results from the integration of the Spanish electronics specialist Nagares, now MAHLE Electronics, which MAHLE completed last year.

Components and systems for tomorrow

“Electric drive systems are gaining importance in workshops too, and we want to provide all the components and systems that these workshops might need,” says Olaf Henning, General Manager of MAHLE Aftermarket.

The newly available products include actuators and switches, control units and battery electronics, as well as voltage converters and sensors.

Working together with the new and existing MAHLE business segments, the technology company develops integrated powertrain solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles as well as battery-charging technologies for original equipment. These are primarily used in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and off-highway applications.

MAHLE therefore makes a crucial contribution toward improving the sustainability of transportation, fostering e-mobility and energy efficiency, and significantly reducing air pollution from vehicles.

In brief

The portfolio includes the following four product families:

  • Actuators and switches
  • Electronics products such as diesel glow plugs and low-voltage motor controllers, acoustic warning device controllers, and electronic battery disconnects
  • High-performance electronics such as the DC/DC converter
  • Various sensors

These are primarily used in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and off-highway applications.

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About MAHLE Nagares

Nagares was founded in 1971. Today, at its three locations (Motilla del Palancar, Valencia, and Valladolid), it employs around 460 people, of whom 12 percent work exclusively in research and development. Products are distributed globally under the MAHLE brand.


  • Sustainable transportation
  • Promoting e-mobility and energy efficiency
  • Reducing pollution

“MAHLE and Nagares are an excellent match. The two companies share the common goal of further developing mobility with new solutions and systems and view quality as the most critical factor,” emphasizes Herminio Navalón, Managing Partner of Nagares.


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