We’re your MPULSE team!

After almost two years of your loyalty, it’s time for us to reveal the faces behind MPULSE. We’d like to briefly introduce ourselves and say “Hi, and thanks for being there!”

We’re your MPULSE team:



“The mastermind”

Patrick’s the man who pulls the strings. As head of the editorial office, he decides what gets published in the magazine and how. And he’s also the one that organizes the cool promotions and competitions, shoots the funny clips, and replies to the e-mails you send to mpulse@mahle.com.



“The speedy reporter”

Janika writes all the articles that you read in MPULSE. She researches the topics, selects the photos and images, and composes the texts. The print edition of MPULSE, which is published twice a year, is also her work.


Jan & Tamara

“The experts”

Jan and Tamara provide the technical tips and tricks that you find in the articles under “Do it and get it.” The duo are from the MAHLE Technical Service department and therefore have first-hand experience about your installation challenges and how you can fix them. If you’ve already taken part in one of our training programs, then perhaps you’ve even met them in person.


Bettina & René

“The quality managers”

Bettina & René are the experts of the press department and make sure that everything on mpulse.mahle.com is accurate and that the creative minds among us don’t completely “take off”. They also provide the latest news and developments at MAHLE and always have the right contact person.



“The spokesperson”

Valentina is the spokesperson for Sales and colleagues abroad, passing on the needs of your markets to us. Because she participates in and organizes in-house trade fairs, she’s tuned in and knows what interests you.



“The social media officer”

Sebastian doesn’t just use social media, he is social media. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube—he makes sure that our promotions and videos appear on every channel so you won’t miss a thing.


We regularly provide technical tips relating to the powertrain, thermal management, and mechatronics in automobiles.


MPULSE - The magazine

The print issue of MPULSE will come out twice a year.