OzonePRO: don’t give germs, viruses, or odors a chance

In the current situation, protecting health in the vehicle cabin has taken on a whole new dimension. MAHLE OzonePRO is your professional sanitizing unit to safeguard your customers and employees. Because it’s fully automatic, the sensor-controlled, easy-to-operate 12 V unit works quickly and reliably—as well as being 100 percent environmentally friendly. For use in passenger cars, trucks, and buses. The MAHLE OzonePRO unit is also being offered as the O3-NEX under the BRAIN BEE sales brand.


Hygiene in the vehicle cabin is a top issue. While the cabin filter keeps out lots of particles that would otherwise get sucked into the vehicle via the ventilation system, there’s nothing stopping them from getting into the cabin through doors and windows. Mold, bacteria, and fungi are also often found on the evaporator of the vehicle’s air conditioning system, where they multiply and spread to the air ducts. They’re then carried with the air flow into the cabin and inhaled by the passengers.

Cleaning with ozone? How does that work?


So how do you clean vehicle cabins professionally? The solution is a naturally occurring gas—ozone! In nature, each individual ozone molecule (O3) forms as a result of electrical discharges. Separating oxygen molecules (O2) into individual atomic oxygen molecules (O1) can create a new molecule composed of three atoms. However, the lifetime of the new molecule is limited, since ozone actually breaks down into oxygen again after just a few minutes. The OzonePRO unit from MAHLE uses the same technology.

How OzonePRO works

The MAHLE OzonePRO unit consists of a portable generator in which the specially designed multifunctional sensor is integrated. Besides moisture, temperature, and air pressure, this sensor continuously analyzes the concentration of ozone produced in the vehicle cabin—until the ideal value for optimal sanitizing is reached. Inside the unit, corona-effect ceramic plates generate ozone, which is then released into the environment. The sensor ensures that the ozone only remains in the vehicle as long as necessary for viruses, bacteria, spores, mold, and mites to be destroyed. This technology prevents oxidation damage in the vehicle cabin, making the sensor the heart of the system. Ozone treatment is a globally recognized method for disinfecting air, water, and surfaces naturally.

Plug and play

OzonePRO is extremely simple to use: plug the unit in to the 12 V cigarette lighter socket, place it in the vehicle cabin, press the start button, and close the door—the fully automatic unit does the rest. Once the process is complete and it’s safe to access the cabin, you’ll be informed via an acoustic signal and via the app linked to the unit. The unit will also provide a sanitation report, which you can print out for your customer as verification. A first-class service.

An additional power supply for use of the OzonePRO tool in indoor spaces is also available. With an ozone output of 5,000 mg/h, one unit can sanitize interiors with a surface area of up to 40 square meters or a volume of around 100 cubic meters, roughly equivalent to the volume of a coach.

How long the process takes depends on the volume to be sanitized, the temperature, the humidity, and the composition and cleanliness of the cabin.

Fully connected

OzonePRO is designed to connect to all the other MAHLE equipment in your workshops via Bluetooth®. Linking it to TechPRO® diagnostic tools and ArcticPRO® stations is easy. There’s also a dedicated app for OzonePRO called O3-Easy, which can be used to control the unit and monitor the processes remotely. The sanitation report can be printed out via the app too.

All the relevant information is also available in this flyer >> Download link [PDF; 786 KB]

Clean air is a gift


MAHLE OzonePRO provides clean air, and the MAHLE CareMetix® cabin filter with S5 broadband technology ensures that it stays that way. From August 2020 and until the end of the year, every OzonePRO device comes with a EUR 19.99 voucher, which can be used to order MAHLE CareMetix® filters and advertising materials in our CustomerCare Portal.


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