MAHLE gives you the skills you need for everyday workshop tasks. Whether you’re a car or commercial vehicle master technician, qualified technician, apprentice, or specialist. With our broad training program, we support workshops in all aspects of the engine, thermal management, filtration, mechatronics, and auxiliary components—with theory, special practical training courses, and online options.

Be honest: Do you know why a turbocharger loses oil? Is it due to a defective shaft seal ring on the rotor shaft? If you’re not sure about the answer, you might want to attend MAHLE’s turbocharger training course. Because that’s where you’ll get the right answer—this time, you’ll find it at the end of this article.

In 2020, MAHLE Aftermarket trained 8,043 participants across Europe in 209 online and face-to-face courses. This is incentive enough for us to further expand the training we offer.

As of now, there are two new theory courses:

  • T-AC Air conditioning in the vehicle: air conditioning system design, function, and common causes of failure
  • T-TH Thermal management: cooling systems and components of the modern combustion engine

How do I benefit?

Regular training works. That’s what numerous participants tell us. The technology around the engine, thermal management, filtration, mechatronics, and auxiliary components has now become very complex. That’s why we need a refresher every so often. Because if you’re technically up to date and know about the environment of the systems and the causes of failure, you won’t make simple mistakes. This reduces the number of complaints, saving costs, hassle, and effort. And it won’t just make your workshop technicians happy, but your customers too.

To ensure that all your employees benefit from MAHLE’s training, we can also come to the relevant wholesaler in your area. Simply tell us the topic and when and where you would like the training to take place, and we’ll take care of everything else. Interested? Then ask your MAHLE Aftermarket trading partner or contact us directly at ma.training@mahle.com

It's your choice

  • Theory in brief:

    Duration: Face-to-face 2.5 hours/online 1.5 hours

    Participants: Minimum of 10

    Fee: EUR 39.90 plus VAT

  • Practical training:

    Duration: 8 hours

    Participants: Minimum of 8, maximum of 15

    Fee: EUR 129.90 plus VAT

  • Certified by MAHLE:

    Competence in vehicle air conditioning systems

    Compressor Guarantee Plus

    Duration: 7 hours

    Participants: Maximum of 12

    Fee: EUR 229.00 plus VAT

Full range—also online

All seven theory courses are now also available as live online training. So you can pick up new knowledge in 1.5 hours and without much (travel) effort. Afterward, there’ll be plenty of time for you, your colleagues, and the MAHLE experts to exchange ideas.

The range also includes special practical training on damage prevention for passenger cars, trucks, and agricultural and construction machinery as well as training courses that lead to a certificate of competence in air conditioning systems and in the Compressor Guarantee Plus program. View the new training program online here or here.

Everything at a glance

You’ll also be able to download the training brochure with all courses, details, fees, and contact information HERE [PDF; 711 KB] .


Why does a turbocharger lose oil? Not because the shaft seal ring of the rotor shaft is defective. Because there isn’t a seal here. The loads caused by the high speeds of the shaft, for example, are too extreme for a shaft seal ring. Sealing is achieved by means of a contactless labyrinth seal. The turbocharger only loses oil if something is wrong in its environment. For example, on account of increased pressure in the crankcase due to worn piston rings or a defective crankcase ventilation system. The oil can then no longer flow freely out of the core unit of the turbo and finds another exit via the compressor or exhaust side.


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