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Don't fear the engine!

Uwe Rosenau is the owner of the engine repair shop in Rosenau near Osnabrück. He is a convinced MAHLE customer and a specialist when it comes to getting defective engines running again.

Together with MAHLE, he wants to take away the "fear of the engine" from young mechanics, as they are working less and less directly on the engine nowadays. In our seven-part video series, we would like to explain in a short and understandable way what is important - whether valves, bearings, conrods or cylinder liners.


In the first clip, Uwe explains what you have to consider when replacing pistons.


Episode 2 - Conrod and Rings

In the second part of our series, Uwe explains to you what you have to pay attention to with the conrod and the piston rings.


Episode 3 - Bearings

Uwe Rosenau explains what you have to consider when exchanging the bearing.


Episode 4 - Installing the piston

Uwe Rosenau explains how to install a piston correctly.


Episode 5 - Cylinder liner

In this episode, Uwe Rosenau explains how to replace a cylinder liner.


Episode 6 - Valves Part 1

In the penultimate episode you will learn from Uwe Rosenau how to change the valves correctly.


Episode 7- Valves Part 2

In the seventh and final episode you will learn from Uwe and his colleague how to assemble the valves.


Rosenau engine repair shop

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