You're troubleshooting a vehicle's air conditioning system? You can't find a solution while talking to your colleagues after work? You think of a question about the thermal management of a truck while sitting on the sofa in the evening? Don't panic! Grab your mobile phone and check our new TechTool. It has the answer.

You'll think, "Cool!" The brand-new TechTool by MAHLE provides first-hand thermal management know-how online - with a high level of system expertise and in a modern as well as contemporary format. There is no other like it.

The new online tool is programmed in a responsive design. This means that the content adapts to the screen format of the device you use to open the TechTool - whether it's your mobile phone in portrait mode, your workshop tablet in landscape mode, or your PC in the workshop office. No more awkward pulling up or pulling down the screen. The information and tips are directly on your screen. You can even use our MAHLE TechTool with one hand.

Ahead of the curve

Intuitive menu navigation makes the MAHLE TechTool easy and quick to use. With this online service, MAHLE is providing you a virtual expert guide to help you with troubleshooting in your daily workshop routine and with any other questions you may have about thermal management. You will see:

The MAHLE TechTool conveys thermal management knowledge more clearly than any textbook or vocational school material.

The TechTool by MAHLE offers detailed insights into structure and function and shows you interactively how air-conditioning and cooling systems work with all relevant components and where the sources of error are. This is exactly how online technical information must be presented today.

Virtual deep dive

First, you choose between the two vehicle categories of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, then select the cooling or refrigerant circuit that interests you. Detailed animations visualize the temperature curves and flow directions in the different circuit types. A slider allows you to rotate the animated graphic 360 degrees to view all components in detail - a real virtual feeling. An informative explanatory text clearly describes the basic function of the selected circuit type.

Then the MAHLE TechTool offers you a "deep dive". Click on a numbered component right next to the animation and dive into the world of each individual circuit component of the vehicle A/C and engine cooling systems. For example, our TechTool clearly shows you how an electric heating valve in a coolant circuit works, what it does, what possible error patterns look like, how the failure of such a component becomes noticeable and what the causes of defects can be.

So finding answers to your thermal management questions isn't just fun. The MAHLE TechTool guides you quickly and specifically to answers to your questions. Oh yes, MAHLE has published the TechTool for you in 14 languages. Because we are committed to internationality. Your journey into the MAHLE TechTool world on the subject of thermal management for passenger cars and commercial vehicles starts here

Filling quantity handbook - you can't do without it

The topic -filling quantities- is crucial for a faultless operation of the air conditioning system in the car (three headings in the tool: passenger cars, commercial vehicles and agricultural vehicles). A professional repair with the help of our MAHLE TechTool is one thing, a correctly filled air conditioning system with refrigerant and A/C compressor oil is another. MAHLE provides you with the most important information on filling air-conditioning systems and refrigerant circuits with the online filling quantity handbook for common car models (do we still want to go into the favorites function?) The MAHLE filling quantity handbook should therefore not be missing in any workshop. It is also available in printed form from our participating aftermarket dealers. You can find your nearest dealer here


By the Way:

The Autodoktoren also have something to say on the subject of A/C compressor replacement ( we tend to talk about exchanging parts that are subject to wear and tear, such as filters) and filling quantities. The very descriptive technology tip is certainly worthwhile for you: Watch it on our YouTube channel

As you can see, MAHLE is there for you and will help you - highly solution-oriented, innovative through all channels.


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