Time is money


TechPRO® Digital ADAS makes short work of the time-consuming process of positioning vehicles and making complicated adjustments to calibration panels. Calibration is completed in under 3 minutes using our digital solution. This means that, compared with conventional systems, you save more than 80 percent of your valuable time—per vehicle!

Calibration in just 6 steps:

1) Boot up the TechPRO® system (takes 7 seconds), select the brand and model, and follow the instructions to position the vehicle.

2) Fix wheel clamps to the front wheels. These are important for the subsequent laser measurement step.

3) Roll the digital calibration panel in front of the vehicle.

  • 1st step: select model
  • 2nd step: fix wheel clamps
  • 3rd step: positioning of panel

4) Use the two laser measuring tools to set the required values. These are essential for adjusting the digital target image.

5) Align the height of the digital calibration panel using the remote control.

6) Start calibrating! The digital calibration panel adjusts the target to the position of the vehicle and performs the calibration in a fully automated process. And you’re done!

>> The entire procedure takes under 3 minutes!

  • 4th step: set values for keystone technology
  • 5th step: align height of panel
  • 6th step: calibration

Watch these six steps in our how-to video:


Your advantages at a glance:

Available in the MAHLE and BRAIN BEE brands.
  • One digital calibration panel
    (no individual panels and no manual swap-outs required!)
  • Fully automatic
  • Fast and accurate results
  • Space saving in the workshop
  • Easy to use
  • Once-only investment
  • Online updates
  • Universal coverage
  • Keystone-System
  • Targetless Technology
  • Up to 80% time saving compared to conventional systems


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